Affordable .50AE for the masses anyone?

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  1. griff30

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    First post here.
    My father-in-law has the Hi-Point 4095 and I am surprised at the performance and build of such a low cost carbine.
    Now with all the soldiers comming home soon having played with mil-issue 50 cal, why not a 50 carbine they can afford?
    An affordable .50AE carbine with say an optional muzzelbrake that looks like the 50 Barrett would be the next Ruger 10/22.
    My only suggestion other than a muzzelbrake is the mag well in front of the trigger gaurd in stead of through the grip. Thus opening up the market for aftermarket double stacked mags.

    Only thing is, they better open up a few more factories to keep up with demand. Especially if they can keep it priced as well as the other carbines.
  2. neothespian

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    VERY intriuging, but let me play it another way:

    A 50 caliber, magazine fed carbine that is affordable (under 400 per se), and anyone can buy.

    Then Michael Moore, The Brady Commission, and the parents of Columbine Highschool students get wind of it.

    Granted the .50 cal Carbine is hardly any kind of weapon that joe schmoe would even know what to do with unless they were a sport shooter (ie, not a gangbanger). But, any relation to a "Columbine" gun will pretty much kill any hopes of it.

    Not to be a buzzkill...because I think that would freakin' rock!! But, as much as we'd like to have an awesome blaster like that, there are too many who just think we're out to release hate into the world. Jerks.

    Reality. It sucks.

  3. stremph

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    The 10/22 is what it is because you can get 550 rounds of .22LR for under $10. You can't even get 10 rounds of .50AE for that.

    Not trying to crap on your idea, just pointing out that an "affordable" .50AE carbine would be rather 'spensive to feed.
  4. .50 AE is running $28.99 a box of 20 last I bought it. Rumor has it that they are going for $35.00 a box of 20 rounds now. That's why I am reloading it as I can save over 20 bucks a box on it.
  5. browwiw

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    You know noxious public figures and questionable legislation is one thing, but do you really think it's appropriate to dog out a group of people who have honestly suffered from the misuse of firearms? I mean, jeez, their kids got murdered. Leave them out of the snark.
  6. neothespian

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    It wasn't against them...I'm not trying to, in any way, negate the suffering they underwent.

    BUT, it's a singular event that causes a knee jerk reaction that cannot be excused. It was the actions of a person that caused the tragedy, and all the sudden it becomes a rallying cry for those who want to make law abiding citizens suffer because of a short sighted patch to a greater problem of gun violence.

    My sincere apologies if it was misconstrued.
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    +1 what he said :wink:
  8. griff30

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    I took nothing you said bad. Hell, I was in the Boy Scout troop of James Brady's Troop 59 of Centrailia Ill. When he came back to Illinois after getting a bullet to the brain, we all had a parade for him, I was carrying the American flag behind his car on the cover of Time. I spent time at his mom's house digging in the yard for a merit badge. We all felt for him, but NO ONE I know cared for the "Brady laws". Yes one crazy guy can change it all with a cheap Röhm RG-14 .22 short revolver. (yes it was a .22 revolver not a .50 or even the gangsta's 9mm, or FOETY's)
    I think the Liberal Media (SNN, NBC) capitalizes on any high profile case with such media frenzy that even fence riding American's want gun banned. So yes you have a point. Well made.
  9. griff30

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    Continued from last post for sanity sake:
    I simply believe that no calibre is any safe from idiots. I will say that I doubt that the pencil neck hudlums from any recent media frenzy would not have shouldered a 50 cal. Let alone shot one more than once. From the looks of it, the thugs in the news lately could barely lift a pistol let alone take the recoil of a anything over 9mm. No, the 50 is a MAN'S round period. The Taurus Raging Bull cost somewhere around $500 and fires a more powerful round than the 50 A.E. , no one has ponied up to a shoot out with that one though for the same reason.
  10. stremph

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    Eh, the Columbine asshats used a 12 gauge (remember the "Shotgun straight outta Doom?"), which is most certainly a MAN's round. Also, two local indoor ranges in PHX (Caswell's and Shooter's World) rent DE .50s and S&W 500s, and the thug kids LOVE them. Can't shoot them worth a crap, but every time I go, there seems to be some thugster jackass blasting away with one or the other.

    And have you seen the gold-tone, tiger-striped Desert Eagle .50s? It might be a "MAN's" round, but that is a thug's gun if ever there was one.
  11. I hate to see any type or brand of weapon suffer from the fact that an idiot decided to do something stupid with it instead of doing us all a favor and simply stepping out in front of traffic and remove himself from the gene pool :x
  12. With or without the anti-gun folks going nuts (which they seem to do over any "evil" looking gun anyway) I think this would be an awesome idea. I don't know much about the engineering behind it, but if HP is going for a .45, why not go the next step up right away and make a .50AE carbine with the same amazing quality to cost ratio that all the HP carbines seem to have? I don't know if it stands a chance in actually being made, but man, it's fun to dream :D
  13. +1...or do something similar to eqfan592's avatar....
  14. Okay, I'll comment. I like pistol caliber rifles. I've owned several, and currently own a .357 lever as well as my 995. I'm thinking about getting another .44 mag lever action but a .50AE semi would be intrigueing. Put me down for: definitely buying the .45 when it's available and let me have a serious look at the .50 if you ever make it. Don't be surprised if I'm standing in line to get one! And remember; antis will be anti everything for no good reason--they just live to scream FUD.

    Now--somebody talk them into prototyping it so we can whine that it hasn't been release yet, then we'll have 2 unavailable rifles to wait for. :lol:
  15. LOL! Yeah, just what the HP folks want, more complaining about a new carbine :p