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  1. Ok guys im looking to get another pistol and im looking for another affordable pistol in 9mm or .40 looking to spend 250- 300.00 if that helps

    thanks, 1knight
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    Are you looking for just a new weapon or are you considering used ones too?

  3. What will this pistol be used for?
  4. im looking for new or used and I want another carry weapon
  5. I was looking at Bersa .380's yesterday at Gander Mountain....very tempting...$269
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    Kel Tec P11 :mrgreen:

    Can be had for $210 to your FFL, packs up to 13rnds of 9mm +P in your pocket and it's got a lifetime warranty.
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    1knight - You have Dan's Sporting goods in Apollo, PA - selling the following:
    for $359.00 with holster 2 mags, mag pouch and cleaning kit.
    These guys are right down the road from you..
    $359.00 for a Sig P225 with the extras is definately worth looking at.
  8. You can pick up a Makarov at a decent price, usually around 200. While it is a surplus pistol, it is a well made one that is reliable, easy to conceal, control, and fires a round that can sufficiently hit a target with enough stopping power to get the job done.

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    I have a Makarov (Though I think the round is a little small) It is one of my favorite guns to shoot and fondle :wink: I do like this gun a bunch. I wish it was a 9mm.


    Also take a look at a CZ-75b

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