Afghans are switching out AK-47 for the M16

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  1. This ought to be interesting. Those soldiers are used to a rifle that maintenance for it is to put another mag in.

    We all know that the M16 has to be kept clean to work properly, and is not IMO as easy to field strip and maintain as the AK

    Not saying that the M16 is inferior to the AK, just saying that it is a very different weapon, and may not be suited for a........ army that is not up to 21st century standards as far as technology.

    I hope I am wrong.

  2. hmmm, I can already tell this thread is going to be interesting.........
  3. I read in a book by General Zinni that in Vietnam the south vietnamese marine corp never had problems with their rifles, because they were meticulous to the point of obsessive at cleaning their rifles. They were barely into the 20th century in some ways, but they shot our rifles better than we did. There's hope :)
  4. The Marine corps of any military is usually their elite, this coming from a guy that is ex Army. (koff koff)

    That said, it all depends on their willingness to adapt. Are they willing to learn new things, or will they drag their feet when they find that they are dealing with a new weapon when they don't see why they have to give up their old ones?
  5. saw that a while back. not good for them, possibly good for those who want more ak goodies.
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    I never have liked putting US weapons in the hands of the enemy. Same goes for the Iraqis with US weapons. Just hate the thought of bullets flying toward U.S. Soldiers from U.S. weapons by foreign soldiers trained by the U.S. I know it shouldn't matter where the bullets come from, but to me it does. And, cynical though it may be, somebody, somewhere in the U.S. is just as happy as they can be at the money they'll be making from this process.
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    Like good old Mr. K himself says :"the best is the enemy of good enough."

  8. I'd strangely feel better if the enemy did start using AR-15's as opposed to AK-47's... my bro's getting deployed over there again, and I'd rather if his number come up it be a 5.56 that hits him than a 7.62. I'd rather he not get shot at all, actually, but you get the drift.
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    I just wonder which government is footing the bill, theirs or ours?
  10. We're actually transferring more costs to their gov. considering they made 30b in oil revenue last year...
  11. The only problem is that 30 billion doesn't start to scratch the surface of what is costing us over there does it?
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    This is a great idea........saturate the insurgency with weapons that they can't maintain and then we can kick their asses off so much easier!

    .......on a serious note, where are these guns manufactured? where were the AK47's manufactured? Who is getting the contract to build them. At least we may get some of our tax money put back into the American economy this way. It may not make up for the possible $40 billion going elsewhere for mid-flight refueling aircraft but it's a start.
  13. They're being manufactured by American companies. And so is most of the ammo.
  14. OK, I cant help it, sorry AR guys.

    IF the bad guys get their hands on the weapons, at least more of our guys will survive with minor wounds.

  15. The M16/AR15 series is a complete weapons system that is an amazing piece of technology. With that said, our troops understand that it must be cleaned and pampered daily in a dirty environment such as Afghanistan or Iraq. It is not a weapon that can be lubed with diesel fuel after being buried in sand or submerged in water and expected to perform like an AK. It is not the right firearm for these troops.

    I also don't buy the "I feel safer because it is a .223" argument. That is really bogus as shot placement is the issue. I lived in Virginia while the DC Sniper was on the loose with his AR. It was a frightening time, especially when we found out our city was on his list after he was caught. Not one single person was happy to run around claiming the sniper was no big deal simply because he used the .223. 10 people died and 3 people were critically injured because of shot placement.
  16. Digger did you not see the smiley with the tounge sticking out? That means tounge in cheek or something similar ;) (WINK)
  17. Don't get me wrong... a 5.56 can still kill. Heck, a .22LR or .25 ACP can kill if shots are placed correctly... but when you have troops who are literally trained to "point at enemy and spray", a 5.56 to the leg has something like half the chance of hitting a femoral artery as a 7.62 does.
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    Our government could allways give them our ar-15's after they take em from us next year. Would be alot cheaper.