After reassembly trigger pull feels harder? Or am I crazy?

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    I dissasembled my C9 to polish the feed ramp. I removed the barrel. I wasnt planning on removing anything else but in the process of pining the barrel back in the safety, sear assembly, sear assembly spring and sear block flopped out.

    After I cleaned, lubed everything I put everything back, cycled some snap caps thru it. Seemed to cyce fine but, It feels like the trigger is harder than before.

    Any ideas what may cause this?

    I am 99.95% sure I put everything back together right. Since I am unsure I will most likely take the slide off again and have another look with a fresh set of eyes.

    I have read thru the sticky on assembly many times but, does anyone know of any other take down graphics they could point me to?
  2. You may want to lub the trigger hing pin,and sear cam @ the sear pin(where it goes in the sear cam).
    These are your main hinge points.Put lube on the frame under the sear cam.This will help also.

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    I used CLP sparingly on these points. I may go back in and use some Hoppes oil I have. Do some of these parts ever get lubed using a "thicker" lube or greese? It semed like some of the pieces had a thicker lithuim type crud on them upon removal. Should I try something like that?
  4. It may have been some type of graphite grease like otters.I use Lucas gun oil and it is on the thick side.
    Try what you have first and see how it works.