The Hi-Point 995 carbine has long been one of the best deals in the pistol caliber carbine market. For about the same price as a good 22 rifle, you can get a reliable and functional 9mm rifle that can serve a multitude of purposes. If you own one, however, thoughts may turn to changing out the charging handle for something with a little more curve to it.

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Why change
While the Hi-Point carbine's current handle is functional and harkens back to the traditional lines of the WWII Thompson submachine gun, it is a rather inelegant nub of a piece. Brasstacker/TGR Enterprises, Inc. offers a replacement (left or right hand) curved charging handle that replace the original piece in moments.

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The charging handle modifies the standard simple but...ugly...bolt
handle with something a bit more ergonomic and cosmetically pleasing.
The curve of the charging handle is similar to that of the old school
M-1 carbine as well as the more modern Ruger 10/22 and Mini-14/30.


Instructions in the package are straightforward and easy to follow.

"Disassemble per manufacturer's instructions. Remove existing charging handle (unscrews). Remove receiver shroud. Re-thread bolt from existing charging handle into hole (on left side) to about its full engagement. Gently tap hex end of bolt to push out knurled threaded insert (on right side) from aluminum receiver. Remove both threaded insert and hex bolt. Insert supplied shoulder bolt with appropriate liquid thread locker into hole from left side. Replace receiver shroud but do not install its bolts. Place charging handle through hole (on right side) of receiver shroud and carefully line up tapped hole with threaded end of shoulder bolt. The small tang on the charging handle fits into the upper corner area of the ejection port in the aluminum receiver just above the ejector keys. It is designed to be a tight fit with a certain degree of "bite" when tightened and brought flush against the side of the receiver. Tighten shoulder bolt and allow Loctite to set up. Reinstall bolts for receiver shroud. Reassemble per manufacturer's instructions. Check for proper fit and function before use."

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(Pic courtesy of HouLlama, High Point Forums)

Final thoughts

The handle is constructed of CNC Wire EDM / Machined Steel and looks about impossible to break. While it will work for the Hi Point 995/995TS 9mm carbine, it will not fit the 4095/4095TS or 4595/4595TS due to the different spline of those carbines's bolt handles. Shopping around for these will find that they run anywhere from $30-$42. Best of all, it doesn't void Hi-Point's excellent lifetime warranty and can be switched back at any time to the original bolt.

The piece has been reviewed often on our forums and is well received.