Aftermarket replacement followers

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by GoesBang, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    Brownell's has/had some S&W 59/69 followers available in both black and orange. My orange ones showed up a couple of weeks ago, but black ones were on back order. Got notice that they have shipped.

    CZ-USA has a similar looking 9mm follower. They also provided notice today that they were shipped.


    Possibly that they are one in the same. I will know soon enough.


    Close enough.

  2. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    I would not be surprised if they are the same...
    I'd also love to know if it works for my Browning Hi Power.
    The BHP has 13 round mag, solid follower, and a 15 round
    capacity if you get the newer hollow follower. IYKWIM ;)

  3. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    Those two look quite different to me.
  4. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    BHP followers don't have a notch do they?
  5. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    The aftermarket followers work well in the magazines that I have been selling.

    Anyone have need for Sig/Springfield/Beretta style double-stack followers?