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  1. i stop by a local outdoor store yesterday for the first time. i have been to their chain store before but never this one and was quit disappointed due to their accessories and their customer service. just before i decide this store is waste of my time and ready to leave, i saw two hi point pistol (38 & c9)been display as:

    as you can see, they leave the warning labels on ONLY for the hi points. IN THE STORE FULL OF [email protected] GUNS!!!

    "WARNING. you may risk injury or death by handling this firearm." what the hell is that mean? HP are risky and as rest of firearms in the store are complete harmless?

    what a bullsh1t!
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    If I am correct Hi-point is one of very few companies that even put the warning sticker on there firearms.

    As there market is for new first time buyers and the like.

    While getting My XD they opened the box it was shipped in. Cut the zip tie inspected the fire arm, did the FFL thing to cover there butt.

    Handed it to me to inspect to my liking and then filled out the paper work and made the purchase. Oh. The xd had no sticker on it and It was shipped directly to them from the supplier. First persons to handle it from the manufacture.

    Same as My mossy 12G. No sticker and I was the first to handle it.

    They were buisy jaw jacking with another costumer so the box was left to me and the wife to open and inspect.

    The same with the wifes P22.

    The shop I buy from is a very nice mom and pop shop.

    they don't know me by name but they do recongnize me when I visit.

    They are nice enough to let me have picks from the firearms that are boxed up and not on display.

    How often do display models get dry fired. Or rackes around. and scratched.

    AH, That NEW gun Smell and feel.

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    Here's what you do. The next time you're in a gun shop, and you see HP's. If you find the owner dogs HP, then you simply say "if they're junk then why do you even carry them?" I always get a kick out of owner responses from that question. I most often just get a shoulder shrug and nothing more:)

    Bottom line, dealers KNOW that HP's aren't junk. HP's are ALWAYS used to boost the sales of the higher priced weapons. Now dealers are totally jacking prices on HP's as well, and are really starting to close the price gap in some areas. I will say that HP-380 you posted a pic of is selling for $40.00 more than I paid for mine. I bought my 380 (brand new) for $99.00 at my local dealer.

    I don't think that dealer left those stickers on the HP's to dog the guns though. Not all firearms ship with that type of sticker. That orange sticker is just an HP warning label. All of mine had one. I will say this though. My dealer removes the lables on the HP's he displays. You'll get a lable on the "NIB" HP you buy from him, but he displays his without the labels. Last time I was there one of the sales reps were praising the HP 995, and went on to say that HP makes good affordable pistols. Don't hear that too often from a dealer. He didn't have anything nice to say about earlier models though before the company overhaul.
  4. None of my 3 hi point pistols had a warning sign like that on them. That looks like the one that comes on the stock of a hi point carbine, if anthing.

    Sounds to me like a dealer that is willing to sell them to make a buck, but is trying to scare the buyer and steer them to something more expensive.
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    If I was HP I'd require dealers to remove them on display models. That's really messed up if dealers are leaving them on to scare buyers into the "more expensive models".., thinking the HP's are unsafe. Geez I can count the number of times I've read stories on Glocks blowing up, but I've never seen or read a story about an HP blowing up.

    IMO.., HP would really do well with a "face-lift". Maybe some new PR or something. These guns aren't junk, and if they were you wouldn't be finding them in shops.
  6. One thing I look for on a HiPoint is the orange sticker. If the gun has a sticker I know it is a NIB gun. No orange sticker then its gonna be a used gun in my book, unless I know the shop owner and he said he removed it. Most do not remove the stickers but some do.
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    My dealer removes the sticker from his display models (Usually one of each model). When I opened the box on the C9 I bought earlier this month it had one.

    Sounds to me like that dealer opened the box and dropped the gun the display rack.
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    My dealer does the same thing.., removes the sticker for the display models. All NIB's have the orange sticker on the grips.
  9. well, i understand the sticker come with new in box pistol, or any new in box firearm. but on the display? it just too much of low blow for me. display pistol will go through so much dry fire before dealer actually have to sell the last remanding pistol of the same model. that been said, a dealer leave the sticker on to show buyers that the pistol is "NIB"? it just flat out dishonest. i have worked for many retail store, the display item usually need to be sell lower the the full retail price AND customer need to be inform that the item is display.
    the stickers on the hp were wearn and old, it'll be hard to convince anyone that they are nib. therefore, i still think the purpuse of the sticker were more for scare off customers more so than showing them as NIB.
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    It's hard to say really. Ask the guy why he leaves the stickers on :)
  11. I've been in 4 gun shops and a gun show looking at Hp's this month.

    One is a local Pawn shop that carries a very good selection of pistols, everything from a Jennings or whatever it is called now to Glocks/S & W.
    They were very high on the HP's, saying it was a lot better than others that cost $100's of dollars more. I have both 2 C9's and a 45 from them and I'm suppose to go get another 45 for a buddy this week. They also said they had a hard time getting the 995's, had one on order for 8 months.

    The second shop was where I got my 995. They told me on the phone that they had 10 in stock and that I better buy with a credit card if I wanted one because he was headed to a gun show and that they always move well. When I got there after the show, he had 2 left not counting mine that he had put in the back for me.

    The 3rd shop was before I bought the first C9 for my wife, I asked the guy
    who owns the shop what I should buy her and he said "you can't go wrong with a HP" and to get her a .45, it is for home defense and you want to stop them in their tracks. I went with the C9 because I already had a 45 and wanted a different caliber. I carry the C9 as a car gun and she sleeps next to the 45 now.

    The 4th shop was when I was looking for a sks or Mosin Nagant, as I was looking I noticed the Hp's with ATI Stocks on the rack next to the Beretta Storms. I asked about them without telling I was a owner and he said he had a lot of guys who own them and had never had a problem, they love them.

    The Gun show vendors seemed to be pushing the middle of the line stuff in the $300 range and with me not it that market (I was looking for Mosin stuff) I kind of stood back and just watched. If someone asked they would pick up the HP and talk it up, I didn't see anyone that looked like they were saying" you need to stay away from those"

    Out of all the above places, you would expect them to point out the lifetime warranty right off of the bat as a selling point, but with me it was always brought up more as a bonus instead of a reason to buy.

    I will one day own a Glock, S & W or Ruger type Pistol, but I will keep my HP's. I might take the C9 in one day just to see what they value it as when they are on the other side ! It will just be a test, it isn't going anywhere.
  12. hitman, you have such good dealer around you. all the gun shop i have been to all have use hi point as a promo to get people in the shop than tell them the gun is piece of junk. there really isn't many gun shop around Los Angels. and since few years back, we decide the gun show is not appropriate in this city so we don't even have gun show now. :cry:
    very few outdoor shop that sales gun and if so, it's all about 500+ kind of shop. "you get what you pay for" always their motto. shops around here look down $100 gun without ever try them or do real research about them.

  13. the dealer i bought my c9 at kept going on and on about how heavy it was and kept on pushing the taurus and the glock, but my mind was already set on the hp anyways. as i did some research on the net for all the myths on the hi-points i also saw the low prices. i payed $189.99 plus tax which still seemed like a good price to me. i wished it had come with an extra mag but it did come with the vega n150 holster. personally i dont like the holsters reddish color so i might end up selling it or trading it for an extra mag.
  14. The 45 I bought last week was definitely NIB and had the orange sticker stuck to the box. No idea if the dealer placed it there.

    Immediately after firing the 1st mag of rounds, the black paint around the firing pin with worn away. There were other signs the gun was fired.
  15. gabriel c> $189 for a c9? i think that is a bit pricy. i got mine for $109+ tax+ background check and came out about $155. it's still in the shop, i haven't pick it up from the "cool down time" yet. by this weekend i should be get in through at least 100rd.

    it's going to be my first gun. and it wasn't my first choice. my search was s&w sigma 9mm, kel-tec p-11 and c9. saw a deal on some grand opening outdoor shop selling c9 for $109 drove about 65 miles out to pay. this friday or saturday i need to drive another 65 miles to pick it up.
  16. A lot of shops carry HiPoint's and when you go in to look at them they will try and steer you towards something that brings them a better profit margin. This is not limited to HiPoints, every pistol I have purchased in the last few years at least 1/2 of the dealers tried to steer me to something that would bring them more profits. I just smile and say nope, this is what I want so lets do the paper work.
  17. A lot of dealers realize that if you get someone into shooting inexpensively then that means that a lot will come back and buy more. Including ammo, hearing protection, more expensive weapon, upgrades, etc...
  18. i am picking one up tomorrow...i'll let you all know..
  19. Two of the three dealers I visited here in Music City said Hi-Point pistols were junk. The third said that Hi-Points were a good gun, great for first time shooters. They said that the C9's and CF380's rarely lasted the week in the display case.

    I was in several times the next week after buying a C9 from them. One time they had a C9 but not a CF380; the next day the C9 was gone. Two days later they had a C9 and CF380 but I didn't have the cash to buy the CF380. When I called two days later, they only had a .45 left. It took me another week and a half for a CF380 to come in. Ah ha ha ha ha, it was MINE! ALL MINE! [drool, slobber, drool] :)
  20. i thought it was a bit pricey compared to what a saw them on the net for. but el paso gun exchange is the only dealer that carries hi point here. i think i will look for another c9 since the wife wants one but this time maybe buy from the net or forum and just have it shipped here. the dealer charges $15 for the transaction, just need to check how much for the background check since im not buying from them.