Agent Provocateur?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Think1st, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Do you all remember the individual who wanted to have an armed "Draw Mohamed" contest a couple of months ago, following the shooting at the art exhibit in Texas? At the time, I said that his mixing of firearms with an event designed to attack a religion would not reflect well on the 2nd Amendment, given the fact that it was mixing this important amendment with an attack on a specific group of people. I supported his 1st Amendment right to hold a free speech event but took issue with doing it in a way that would give gun rights advocates a bad image.

    Now, he is at it, again, only he is talking about arresting a law maker for supporting the Iran nuclear deal:

    He goes on to say why he is choosing a city in Michigan for his staging site:

    His discussion of arresting law makers will already draw plenty of fire from anti-gunners as they link his attitude to gun ownership, in general, but his statement that they are choosing a staging location for its "lax gun laws" certainly will give more ammo to those who would like to disarm us.

    Previously, I thought he was just an oaf and didn't understand the importance of image to any information campaign. Now, I am suspicious that he is intentionally trying to damage the image associated with gun ownership.

    I can't help but think that he is an agent provocateur for the anti-gun lobby, who is intentionally trying to damage the image of gun owners. No one can seriously be as boorish as this guy. This behavior has to be intentional.
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    He's essentially talking revolt. You use guns to do anything about elected officials, and you are working outside the system.

    I'm not saying that isn't possibly going to be necessary, but I'm not sure it is necessary now.

    And if you do it, and fail to "win", you are a traitor.

    As to the "lax gun laws" thing...I think you may be right. Why care about the laws, if you are already breaking the law? It's not like you can't bring weapons to wherever you need them, regardless of the laws.:confused:

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    I noticed the choice of wording right away as well. I also find it quite "coincidental" that this is going on during the run-up to the Presidential election.

    :foilhat: ?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    And they chose a state with a heavy Muslim population, also.
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    His secret agent name is TNT :O
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    As the race begins to discuss the Iran deal, I am pretty sure that the Dummacrats will try to cast opponents to it as being of the same vein as this guy. You might not need that foil hat after all.
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    Nope. Our good buddy, TNT, wouldn't use such sloppy tradecraft.;) His trips in the truck are just cover for more covert operations. Have you ever read any of the Scott Harvath novels?
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    Yep good books have 3 left to read. TNT that boy no way he can barley get out of his chair let alone his card board box I mean his bunker :rofl::eek::rofl::eek::foilhat::foilhat:
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    I finished "Act of War" a few months ago. I need to find the ones from before and after it.

    Ol' TNT--err, I mean Harvath--is probably rooting out whatever group is running this guy, even as we speak.;)
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    Dude can try a citizens arrest but he better have rock solid proof to back him or HE is the one going to be in that jail cell! Personally I class him as a blowhard talker and not a doer.
  12. Does the guy have a job? I see in the news he is trying to get $ donations thru inet again like he did for the drawing contest.

    Also, after his drawing contest he was whining the he had death threats and wanted free protection. Now I always give at least a little respect to someone holds to their principals( even when I don't agree with them) and are willing to face the music for their actions. But, this guy doesn't want to face the music.

    I don't think he's an agent provocateur. I think he is con man just trying to get $.
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    That phrase about lax gun laws really stuck out when I first read the article, and it still does. Then again, maybe he is just a scam artist who is just so clueless about articulating anything that the term was thrown out there without any thought of the rhetorical consequences.

    Even if it wasn't intentional, and even if he is someone who can't adjust to life outside the service and is looking for some new way to make money and have a purpose, his actions still negatively reflect on the Left's enemies. Those pricks on the Communist news channels and websites are probably saying that he is a direct reflection of the Tea Party's values and that he represents conservative thought. Intentional or not, he certainly is serving as an agent provocateur.