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Took the C9 out for a spin this morning. I just bought some Aguila hollow points and wanted to see how the C9 felt about them. At $16 for a box of 50, I figured how could I lose?

I understand they are supposedly very dirty rounds but I didn't notice any significant difference from the Blazer Brass I used.
The C9 ate every one of them with no FTFs, FTEs or any other problems. Seemed pretty accurate. Could hit a tennis ball at 25 yards.
Looks to be a good, reliable HD round and for the money (1/3 the price of other HPs) I feel pretty good about practicing with them and having them loaded for SD.

I still like that $8.97 price at WW for BB when plinking.

Anyone else using Aguila? Bulldog87
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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