Aguila Supermaximum Hypervelocity .22 Ammo

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  1. Has anyone ever tried this? Opinions,comments?30 grain bullet at 1750 fps! FBI suggests penetration of 12" into ballistic gelatin for self defense,this stuff 11.6".Holes in my targets were 3/8" 15 yards,(each bullet hole)!! My opinion is that it is awesome for a modern .22!!!! :shock:
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    I have shot it... My guns are not sighted in for it.. It shoots some place else :wink: then the CCI I normally shoot..

  3. I've heard about it; read about it, want to try it. If I were to use a .22 for SD (as a last resort) that's be the ballastics I'd be looking for!

    Don't know where to get it.
  4. I got a brick (500rds) of it last year when one of the local shops had a sell on Aguila ammo. I ran it thru ALL my rimfire rifles and the 22/45 pistol and had about the same results as ARI did. It hit the target all right, but I could never get consistant groups with it to justify buying it again.

    This ammo is very similar to other Hyper Velocity ammo, that being it uses a very light weight bullet ahead of a slow burn powder to obtain the impressive velocity figures. In a carbine length barrel of 16"-18" it will clock in right at the stated velocity, but from pistol length barrel's of 5.5" you will be lucky to get 1250-1350 fps. In even shorter barrels its not worth shooting because you end up with a LOT of unburned powder that it's not funny.

    Aguila generally makes good to very good rimfire ammo and sometimes you cant beat the prices. But the Super Maxiums are not one of Aguila's good products in my opinion, its just produced to compete with Stinger's, Yellow Jacket's and Viper's.

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    its pretty hard to beat a stinger or a velocitor (when you can find them) when shooting a pistol. The aguila doesnt do anything a CCI or remy doesnt do just as well for a cheaper price. Now aguila subsonic is a whole nother animal...

  6. I agree with above posts. The bullet is too unstable at normal shooting distances. Never got mine sighted in where I wanted them to go. I'll stick with the cci stingers and mini mags. 1500 fps. is still 50 percent better than standard 22 round.
  7. Nice kick for a .22lr, if you don't care where the bullet goes. I tried them in my .22lr single action, I stay with the Mini Mag from CCI.