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    I will start by saying I am new to shooting handguns, but not shooting in general.

    The problem is my CF380 shooting low. When I aim at the target it is hitting about 4-5 inches low at about 7 yards. I have adjusted the rear sight as far down as possible.

    A couple of other people have shot the gun with the same problem, so I know it is not just me anticipating the recoil. Any suggestions?
  2. did you shoot from a bench/rest to be sure the gun isn't moving at all? Are you and the others using proper grip techniques? This is where I'd start.

    Also - if I understand your adjustment - I think you are going in the WRONG direction. If you want RAISE your hit, RAISE your rear site. If you lower it, you'd have to RAISE the rear of your gun to level the sites - thus causing you to shoot lower. You need to go the other direction.

    BTW - welcome to the forum!

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    I'm an idiot!! You are right I need to raise, not lower the sight. Thanks for straightening me out.
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  5. If I had a nickel for every dumb thing these guys found out about me...... :lol:

    You're gonna fit in fine here! Welcome again my friend.
  6. Welcome! Sometimes our brains just don't see things quite right. Let us know how the next trip goes.
  7. hawn88, you're not an idiot. We are all here too learn. That is why We have this HP forum. I myself is still learning my weapon/s.
    So, ask away!
  8. First off, welcome!

    Second, I'm suprised the sights weren't dead on from the factory. If I'm not mistaken, every pistol and carbine is testfired and sighted prior to leaving the factory. Am I right or have I been nibbling of lead paint chips again?