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Air Rifle for small game

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I'm looking at spring powered air rifles for emergency small game hunting. They're usually quieter than .22lr and usually cheaper to shoot. I also know that PCP are more powerful, but one needs a fairly serious compressor (or a classroom full of 7th graders) to charge the air tubes. Springers are easier to operate, IMO, in emergency situations. So I'm posting in the caliber zone because I want to know if I should be looking at .22 or .177 caliber. .177 is the most common and it will kill squirrels or rabbits BUT the shot has to be near perfect. .22 pellets are a bit harder to find, but make bigger holes. Anyone here actually do any hunting with either? If it makes any difference, I'm looking at one of the $150 - 250 Gamo guns.
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I use a Daisy to clear squirrel from my attic.

Your .177 selections will do just fine as long as you don't gut shoot them and you're close enough.

I've also found that the pellets can make a huge difference. Not the difference between pointed, round, blunt, or "hollow point." But, instead, simply quality pellets that are perfectly cast, the exact same weight from one to the other, with no blemishes or seams. I have some very poorly cast pellets that sometimes even still have mold flashing on them. Can't hit the broadside of a barn from the inside with 'em. But the standard Daisy or Crossman pellets work just fine and, if your rifle is sufficiently well made, the higher quality pellets can be even more accurate. For the .177, it's absolutely worth finding what brand and type of pellet is most accurate in your rifle and spending the money for those.

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