Airsoft anyone?

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  1. I basically got one for use with my boys. They haven't gone shooting with me yet with my "real" guns - but thought we could do some cheap plinking and I could start teaching them gun discipline.

    It's nothing to brag about (believe me) - I picked up an electric double eagle Sig 552.

    Should be fun in the backyard when I can't get to the range (like when I'm grilling)
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    The inexpensive alternative to blazing away with real, hones shooting skills, and, man, you can really get realistic enacting possible combat sequences with those things...


    I tell ya, every time I fire one of my real guns anymore (with the rising cost of ammo) I hear something else instead of BANG--BANG--BANG...



    Seriously, though, airsoft CAN be as expensive as real shooting. I own a couple of airsoft guns that are replicas of real automatic/sniper rifle guns in their "real steel" (that's airsoft lingo for an airsoft gun with a real counterpart) counterparts. This hobby can be as fun--or as hectic and expensive--and inexpensive as you want to go.

    More later!


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    I've got several airsoft guns. They're very fun to shoot, especially for indoor plinking. I also have a good sized sticky target as well. I use mine for a variety of things. One being the obvious, and that's indoor plinking, another being to rid my lawn of pesky neighborhood cats and dogs that jump my fence (I light their a$$es up!!!!!) Nothing funnier than a cat getting 20+ rounds to the a$$ in a second or two :twisted:

    I don't just shoot at these neighborhood cats and dogs to be mean either. We have a pet rabbit in our backyard who is very tame. She's house broken, cat broken, and even dog broken. We don't keep her confined to a small cage. She has a fenced part of the lawn just for herself so she can run (my wife and I can't stand to see animals like rabbits in those small cages). We have a problem with dogs and cats jumping our fence and trying to get our bunny. So I gotta light them up from time to time, and those airsoft guns leave a lasting impression (all pun intended) on them.

    You have to be careful though, as these guns are very addictive, and DAMN THEY CAN GET EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! The full metal deals in say an AR-15 or MP can run you $300-$500 YIKES!!!!! The high end fully auto models are freakin awesome, but I'd never pay that price. I'd rather spend that money on a real firearm.

    Also keep in mind that there are a lot of teenagers that buy the high end models for airsoft wars. They get mom and dad to front that bill for them. I'm considering getting another one here very soon. I try to keep my price range under $50.00

  4. I have a friend that's got an H&K Mark 23 Socom Air soft pistol with a silencer... I thought the same thing, who needs a silencer for an Air Soft pistol? Bloody hell if that silencer doesn't work like a champ though! That gun is a gas operated one, so he's gotta fill his mags after 3 loads. Other than that, that gun is great for plinking doves off the back fence from as far away as 20 yards. It's great. I need an airsoft gun, but they don't kill the doves, and I like eating dove.
  5. I used to do airsoft events that are like paintball, what with all the shooting at each other and such.

    I have to admit, for toys the full-auto gas guns are a blast. I defy anyone not to have fun ripping 40rd bursts out of a Glock 18C replica that has recoil and an operating slide. They're nice and loud too!

    Gotta love the light weight for "in the field". My standard combat load was two electric (full-auto) MP5K's, and H&K MC51 (short G3-a-like), an underfolder AK, a Glock 18C, a Beretta 93R, a couple of 1911's (total Last Man Standing jobs, shoulder rig and all!) and a little Baby Browning in my ID pocket, just in case :)
  6. Going into battle like that you were lookin like a mall ninja for sure!!! Got any pics of that gear load out?
  7. I know - the prices can skyrocket! There's a big market in Japan where 'real' weapons are generally illegal, so I could understand the pricing and infatuation over there - but all the same, once it gets into real gun price range, I'd much rather forego a replica P90/G36/M4 and get a decent 308 bolt action hunting rifle. Can't ever have enough of those! ;)
  8. Alas no. And I never got into the tactical gear really, I just used to stuff things in my pockets. No camo, just jeans and T's (and an S6 respirator for a mask). I did mod some of those self rewinding dog leads to hold the MP5's though. Drop the gun, it slams you in the armpit/ribs, but doesn't hit the deck!

    If you imagine a big fat guy wearing black jeans and a t-shirt with all those guns stuffed in his pockets/belt wearing a gas mask, that's all the pic you need. Oh and bleeding out the knuckles, I used to get shot in the ****ing hands every single game, usually point blank.
  9. We have an airsoft gun. We love using it in the "basement range".
  11. It gets worse. Due to me "inventing" a rules bend for our location specific damage system (rules for what to do depending on when you get shot) that allowed me to tortu..... actively interrogate people inside the rules with no physical contact, that gas-masked fat dude usually had a couple of sets of strip-tie cuffs dangling from his belt :)

    Course, I got paid back for it. You'd be amazed how often I would get shot first by the enemy.....