AK photos : Warning, some photos are ridiculous

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  1. I was playin' around tonight with some of my doo-dads for my AKs.
    I had to have a photo shoot with the girls. Can ya blame me?
    Here is one of the "girls" in "support by fire" evening wear:
    What is better than 1? 2! Here she is with my Saiga! Finally got some pics of her:

    Then I just got silly. How can I make an AK completely ridiculous?
    Put as much crap on it as I could scavange up:

    Then my friend, who had a few to drink tonight mind you, decided it would be funny as hell to put a Wal-Mart sign on the blasted thing:

    That rifle is so evil and black, Sarah Brady came over to the house and put a gun lock on my keyboard.

  2. That gun is tacti-cool!
  3. Did you offer Mz. B a lemonade with a twist of arsenic?
  4. And a cat turd sandwich with lettuce, tomato and ear wax.