AK prices are rising rapidly...

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  1. If you can get a good AK for under $450, you had better do so now. I was in a local gun store in Chattanooga two weeks ago, and the cheap WASR10 was $500.

    Shucks, I posted this wrongly! I meant to post it under the AK47 vs SUB2000 thread. :oops:
  2. This is still a good thread to discuss, because of all the recent changes.

    Here is the cheapest I have found.


  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    centerfire and J&G still have thier regular prices as well.

  4. Ridge

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    Yep, $380 is by far the cheapest Ive seen anywhere...
  5. Wow, never thought the day when I'd say "I remember when I could get a ___ for ____." would come so soon.
  6. $380, plus shipping and handling, plus an FFL fee, and you are up to the $450 range. I expect prices to double if a Democrat takes the White House.
  7. That's what's causing all the price spikes right now anyways.
  8. I should have a few AKs by the summer. If the price stays the same, no biggie, they are fun.

    If the price goes up, money in the bank.
  9. Carbin8r

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    I expect prices to fall rapidly if the SCOTUS ruling on the 2A goes well...
  10. Uraijit

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    My current build has cost me $113 so far... Got $39 worth of compliance parts to buy... Should be up and running for $142-$150. No way in hell I'd pay $350+ for one. ;)
  11. Sniper 995

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    Screwing or riveting?
  12. Uraijit

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    Rivets all the way! Once you have the ability to rivet, screws become downright silly. Rivets are quicker and stronger. ;)

    That reminds me, I do have a screw set that I originally bought to use on my first build, but ended up riveting instead. Maybe I should post 'em up on the trading post.
  13. Sniper 995

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    I have done both and don't really have a preferance. Rivet are alot quicker, I wouldn't say much stronger though. The screw builds I have done were done right with the barrel removed prior to tapping truinion. I allways use rivets on good reciever flats, and screws on the cheaper tapco's. What compliance parts you still need for your curent?
  14. Uraijit

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    The reason I say rivets are "stronger" is because they flex slightly with the forces that the gun puts on them during firing. Screws can't flex, so over time, they cause wear on the trunnion/reciever/screws. Rivets aren't stronger in terms of sheer strength, but in their overall contribution to a sturdy build.

    Screws work, and for most purposes (semi-auto, especially) will work fine. But the rivet build is still the way to go. Of course, there are as many opinions as options, on the matter. And there are about a billion threads on the various forums, discussing the topic. Kinda a dead horse if you ask me, but they did convert me from screws to rivets.

    Anyway, I'm just gonna do one of the $39 compliance parts specials. With the grip, piston, and trigger group. The muzzle brake is the easier way to go, but the piston is a few bucks cheaper. My goal for this build was to do it at the lowest price reasonably possible. $140-$150 ain't bad. ;)

    My wife started her build tonight as well, and should be able to do her build for the same price.

    I have two more kits that I will be building in my next build cycle, on 100% recievers. 1 as a gift for my dad, and the other to sell in order to finance these other builds.
  15. Sniper 995

    Sniper 995 Guest

    what parts kits you using? I mostly have done romy's. Went to a gunshow a few years back and they had romy G kits for $69, and just romy's for $49 "missing trigger gaurd", but when we got home and opened em up every kit we bought had triggergaurds :D

    My next build is going to be an AK 2XTM 9mm using suomi 72rd drums.
  16. Uraijit

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    Still too poor to do anything but Romies. I jumped in on Centerfire Systems' $89 AK kit deal a few weeks back. I believe these are non-G kits, but honestly haven't thought to check before now. They didn't come with disconnectors, or any F/A parts, so they may very well be G kits...

    Anyway, $89 is probably the cheapest I'll ever be able to buy kits for, so I grabbed four of them up. Between our group, we ordered over 50 of these badboys.

    I too am planning on doing a 9mm build as one of my next builds. Gotta finish these AKs and a CETME build before I can go much further. I keep hoping I can run across a really cheap no-barrel AK kit to use for my 9mm build.

    The designer of the 2XTM system actually lives pretty close to me. He in fact offered to let me come work on my build a while back, when I ran into a wall with my first build.
  17. Got my $300 WASR-10 w side-folding stock just a little while ago. Glad I did too, from what it sounds like. Thing functions great and is fairly accurate; even if it doesn't look like much, it's a great SHTF gun to have around.
  18. I look at WASRs as prebuilt kit guns that you can customize the heck out of. You can make a WASR look like something totally different than it did originally with a few cheap parts and they are generally reliable.

    Its a Romy G build for the people who don't want to build.