AK vs AR Graphic

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    i would like to share this graphic, i thought is was cool

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    I think for large parts of this world it's a matter of what you can get your hands on rather then what you want.

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    Its also rather inaccurate.
    First, more than 75% of AK's were not even made in Russia, so add probably triple the number of units made.
    As for fire rate, yea, but considering AR15s are few and far between sold or made as full auto that number is not realistic. Now if it compared an M16 sure, but its not.
    Its mixing up configurations. And AKM rifles are actually listed at 640 rpm.

    But if your only comparing exactly per the chart, its even more inaccurate because almost all AK47s were full auto during the timeframe used whereas almost NONE of the ARs were. The 20ye life span on an AK? How do they figure? There are thousands of pre-ban AKs still going strong as day 1 pushing well into the 40+ year old range that 20yr number doesn't make sense. An AK is significantly stouter than any AR and will easily outlast one.

    Yes an AR is more accurate at longer ranges, however an AK was never designed for long range use so the comparison is pointless.
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    Hence, Mole has Both!

    I thought the AR production number were a bit low, might be an old graphic...
    But the AK numbers looked REALLY LOW! Substantially more low-balled. IMO

    PS: It's APPLES and ORANGES for preferences... I Prefer a good ORANGE most of the time,
    ut every now and again only an APPLE Will Fill The Bill! (said the Duck! :rofl:)
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    AR accuracy s better than 7moa too! If mine was that crappy I would tear it down and fix it! Then again at 100 yards mine is sub moa!
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    NE Utah
    Definitely. Even the M-16 was far better than 7 MOA, I think 7 or 7.5 was the rejection spec?
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    Yeah, the accuracy specs stood out to me, too. I'm sure the AK has better accuracy than 10 MOA too, unless something is seriously wrong.

    With modern production, I'd expect to see an average AR-15 do maybe 1.5-2MOA off a rest. Not sure about an AK, but I'd guess maybe 3 or 4 MOA, but I'm not that familiar with them.
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    Awesome post 556 :)
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    Interesting. I gotta wonder though, are these stats pre panic? There were millions of guns sold (over 14 million) in 2013 and a similar number in 2014 when they were talking about pushing an AWB. I personally imagine that a ton of those were AR15's.
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    Its also rather inaccurate.


    Uh, site them in and they are plenty accurate for "Combat Ranges"

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    The stats are old.
    1 in 5 out of 14 Million would be 2.8 million ARs alone, and it could be more.
    The AR popularity continues to RISE!

    I have seen newer stats, and there are a crap-ton more ARs since.
    If prices keep "normalizing" I may end up with a "few" more too!
    I have an econo-build ultralight AR formula, it's AWESOME! and Cheap! :eek:
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    And the formula is?:what::what::what::what::what:
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    OH! I have shown bits and pieces, and talked about it on my other builds.
    So far I have done, or have exact plans to do these things:

    1. Base: DTI basic AR, with FWD Assist and Dust cover, and DTI lightweight Barrel
    2. Use the included GI Grips, with upper heat shield removed, 120 gr*
    3. Custom trimming and mods, so far I am within .8 oz of the MFT stock :D
    (I can get under their figure easily, and the structural integrity is still ROCK SOLID!)
    4. I have rail sections that I can attach directly to the GI handguard, perfect
    alignment, minimal weight! Or I have a tapered rail that is parallel to barrel
    when it is installed! I may market these, so I will not reveal my source publicly...
    5. A Slick Side Upper can be used, which is even cheaper on original purchase!
    A FWD Assist alone is around 2-3 ounces :eek: It's a CHUNK!
    6. The Princeton Tec tactical light, 22 gr, plus the flat (non-tapered) rail should
    be around 1 ounce total!
    *The MagPul MOE carbine length forend is over 180 grams, 50% MORE! :eek:

    I'm looking at a very light, very inexpensive AR Build. I believe it will be under 6#
    without a magazine, as most of them are weighed. 30 rounds in a P-Mag is
    commonly listed as one pound, as I recall. But that's almost the least we can get.
    I am going to do a thread on this, prolly do it as an article. I plan on showing
    all the DIY aspects, with the stock lightening. Currently I have a MWG or
    Mag Well Grip, but it's not bad. Might go on the mid weight build. Any of these
    mods can be used in most any combination, to lose a few ounces in your own build!