AK47 mag change done fast

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    Faster :p

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    Slower, With FIRE :shock:
  4. I've seen that last video before, and that's just sad.
  5. Those are some pretty good vids. I agree the people in the last vid are stupid.
  6. Ari

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    I do not know Z71 as the first guy also pulled the mag out of his mag pouch. The 2nd guy we only see it after the mag was pulled from the pouch :lol:
  7. Strangerous

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    WHY WAS THE FURNITURE ON FIRE?!?! Sweating I can see, but a "WORKING" fire?!?! Man-o-man...
  8. That last vid has been around for a long time. I can only imagine that its a post sample AK47 (resellable to only other dealers, military, or police agencies) that will need to be destroyed or dismantled in some way.

    Really, they are only 300 dollar guns. Take your standard 300 romy ak47, drill a hole in the receiver, add the right parts and presto, instant full auto BUT the only people who can legally do that are the Class 3 FFL dealers.

    Its not like they are ruining a 1500 Hk or something, its just a cheap AK47.

    I doubt very much someone with a real full auto AK (with the proper civilian transferable tax stamp) would ever do something like that to their own gun when the guns sell for 15000 dollars and up (only for transferable ones).
  9. If you start shooting any gun fast, they heat up like no tomorrow.

    When I bumpfire my AK, the thing gets REALLY hot.

    Once in a while, I will rapid fire my PSL and the barrel gets hot enough to sizzle spit on it.
  10. Ari

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    I have seen guys light their cigs off a barrel on a M-60 machine gun.
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    check this out.
  12. Ari

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    Two years of pay all down range LOL
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    funny but its true.
    i wonder how much it costs to feed it.
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    HOLY CRAP :shock: