AK47 vs SUB2000

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  1. Good read, thanks again GerbilWarrior :)

  2. Good comparison, except AKs can be had for less then $450. Kinda makes me wanna go out and get one of each.
  3. f you can get a good AK for under $450, you had better do so now. I was in a local gun store in Chattanooga two weeks ago, and the cheap WASR10 was $500.
  4. When TSHTF I just hope that I have an AK . They can be put through Hail and still function.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    AK all the way. 50 million 3rd world soldiers can be wrong.

  6. I think as you guys can see, GW pointed out how each one can be very useful in given situations.

  7. Exactly, the sub-2000, me thinks, would be a great gun for SHTF or Z-Day. The Ak would be great for when you need deeper penetration and longer range I suppose.
  8. Uraijit

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    Sounds like you need to find a new gun store!