Alamogordo New Mexico Gun Show Nov 17th & 18th

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  1. All you from this area, come on out and check it out. It's at the Otero County Fairgrounds, admission is $5.00 and is good for both days.
  2. $5.00?? Man, I went to a show here once in the SE Wisconsin area and easly spent 3 times that much and it was only good for one day :(

  3. Yea, but the shows in Alamogordo isn't big, after 15 minutes of looking you either found what you want or they dont have it. But I did get my M-44 there, never know what you'll find there.
  4. Yeah, I kinda scored today. I signed up for my CCW class, paid the deposit and got my NRA CC books so I can do some reading before the class date. That's a +1 for me.

    Then I met this one guy at a table and started talking to him, and found out he had some .50 AE brass and some Lyman dies. Plus, he had 3 boxes of 325 grain HP's (just the bullets, not full rounds) and about 250 rounds of brass that he didn't need. He'd sold his gun a few months ago and didn't want the other gear. So, he went home and got all the stuff. $40.00 later it was mine. Hell, the dies alone are worth $25 - $30 bucks, plus the brass and bullets? I scored.

    Then I was asking about some S&W mags that this other guy had lying on his table and I asked him if they would fit a Sigma. Turns out they didn't but another vendor had 4 mags, 16 round capacity that I got for the low low price of $25.00 each. That's a $15.00 savings as locally they go for almost $40.00. Yep, I am really happy with what I got at the show today.

    They had a bunch of no-name brand AR-15 lower recievers, but I passed on them as they looked REALLY cheaply made. I think I am going to just build me an AR like Uraijit is doing, so I can pick and choose the parts that I put on it. Anyway, great day at the gun show.

    One more thing. I wanted to run this past you guys and see what you think..

    Another vendor has a 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol listed for $179.00 + Tax. OTD price is $192.00 roughly. He had the slide and hammer zip tied so I couldn't check out the internals of the gun. I asked him if I could take off the zip tie, I was interested in the gun and wanted to check it out. He told me basically that unless I had money in my hand, he wouldn't take the tie off, so I left it there. But, for the price, you guys think it's worth taking the risk of showing him some money *not buying it, just waving 2 bills under his nose* so I can check it out? I mean, is that a good price for the Tokarev?

    All in all, it was a great day, my legs are hurting like hell from all the walking, but I had fun. I also open carried the entire day today, which was a weird feeling to say the least. I had people stopping me to ask me why I was carrying a gun. Why not? It's perfectly legal to do so, was all I said to them. Had a cop ask me if it was loaded... Uh... why yes Sir it is... Do you have a bullet in the chamber?...... Uh... why, yes I do. Sir, basically, you couldn't fit another round in this gun unless I bought a bigger mag.... Good for you sir, have a nice day. Thanks officer, you too....

    What a great time that was. He didn't ask me to see the gun, just wanted to make sure that I was good to go. When I went into the gun show, inside the building I had to unload the gun, but other than that, it was a great experience. Gonna probably do that more often now since it was so well recieved. Anywho, that's all guys. Just let me know if you guys think $192.00 is a good price for a Tokarev.
  5. Good deal, too bad still no AR, glad you are going to start putting one together, but I know you, it wont be an over time project. You'll be puttin it together within a month after the first part is bought.
  6. You know it Taurus, I don't mess around.
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    Goodonya with the .50 stuff.
    What price were those lowers, anyway?
    That price for a oddish brother paid less than $100 for the Current 9mm tokerov (norinco) that I own. Problem is mags $26 a piece...
  8. All of the lowers were just the reciver, no trigger group, safety or anything installed. $135.00 was the lowest price I saw. There was one that was put together with a stock and trigger/safety for $235.00 and it was a no name brand reciever. I manually locked the hammer back and the trigger pull was terrible. Hell, I can get a DPMS or BushMaster lower for $200.00 shipped at the Nazi Gun Store. No way was I going to pay that much money for a no name brand lower with a crappy trigger pull.
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  10. The only thing about those lowers, is when I build my AR, I don't want it to be a mismatch of 10 different brand names. Not that it matters, it's just something that would bug the hell outta me.
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  12. I haven't really decided, but there are some specific parts that I want on it as I go. I found out the name of those lowers, they are Double Star.. There are some Stag Arms there too, but they were over priced, all of them. $139.00 for a bare bones lower reciever. Sorry bud, not this white boy.