Alarm Clock Not Working For You?

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    Ever turned off the alarm, and be still aspleep? :shock: I have, I once was late for work two days in a row from doing this... But I bought a new alarm clock, at Wally World. Did you know that Wally World doesn't have alarm clock radios? They just have the annoying beeping kind... oh well, I wish they had something like this:
    It's 2 Bucks cheaper than what I paid for my little sliver/blue LED alarm clock, PLUS you must get up to turn the thing off!
  2. Brilliant! I'll take two! :D

    Seriously, I was almost late for work this morning due to hitting the snooze button......I need something like this........

  3. Haven't used an alarm clock in over 7 yrs now...

    Work 7:30 pm- 6:30 am Mon thru Thurs

    Job before this one 6pm-6am alternating days off every week...

    Always go right to bed...wake up around 1:30 pm....
  4. Ive seen the ad for that before, one heck of an idea for the chronic oversleeper LOL
  5. This is my morning when getting up.....
    6:45 alarm radio, snooze. 6:52 alarm radio, snooze. 6:59 get the picture. This sometimes goes on till about 7:20 ish. heh 35 more mins of sleep in integrates of 7. I really need something like that