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Alien Gear Holsters Blog Post: The Pros and Cons of Cross Draw

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Alien Gear Holsters Blog: The Pros and Cons of Cross Draw

Cross draw has hit some heavy criticism in online gun forums. Competition shooters have largely shewed the idea altogether because it adds milliseconds to their time. Serious minded gun owners may have followed suit - but for a different reason.. Continue reading at: http://aliengearholsters.com/blog/cross-draw-holsters/
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I just love articles that say nothing but "this might or might not be a good or a bad thing, some things may affect your decision, and you should try things out for yourself."
I actually think that's a good idea. I've seen too many prognosticate that this-or-that is the "right way" or "the best" but far too few saying "these are your options and these are the advantages & disadvantages of them, now go make an informed decision that fits you."

Of course, it requires the reader to not be a total idiot and to have an IQ of at least 80 or so. ;)

Peace favor your sword,
Except...they DON'T really inform you beyond saying here's this, and stuff might affect it, and here's that, and other stuff might affect it...it's pretty un-informative, really.

I mean, basically, the entire thing could be reduced to this...there are several options for carrying a gun, including appendix carry, cross draw, IWB strong side, pocket carry, SOB, and others....you should use the one you think works best. Lotsa Luck!

It's like saying there are several forms of martial arts, listing some names, and saying some use more leg strikes, some require more flexibility, some are more about submission, some are competition styles...chose one.:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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