Alien Gear Update February 3rd

Discussion in 'Sponsor Area' started by AlienGearHolsters, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Hey Alien Gear Fans!

    We have a lot of content and news to share with you since our last update. Click below to check out our latest news including videos from the Alien Gear booth at SHOTshow, a brand new review, our blog post on concealed carrying across state lines, and of course a brand new giveaway!

  2. Lonnie

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    These are nice. I ordered 2. One for S&W M&P Shield 40, one for 9. Both have Crimson Trace lasers. The fit and feel are great. Need to lose the winter weight to make them invisible.

    The kits they send are all encompassing as far as fitting them to your preferences.


    PS - My first one was for a full size S&W M&P 45 (before they came out with the neoprene backing). It is nice as well.

  3. pipermac

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    I first bought this for my 9mm Shield and loved it from the start. Wear IWB everyday all day and not a hint of discomfort. I then took advantage of the shell special and ordered one for my Beretta PX4 full size and have been carrying that everyday with the same comfort level. This is just a really sweet set up. 12 bucks and change for a shell makes it easy.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    For carry with different guns? I can be fickle. I'll probably order complete holsters as I don't want to take the time to futz with swapping shells.