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    Well after using a little emory cloth on the ATI it now no longer sticks and shoots like a dream. Thanks for all of the help. By the way a friend of mine was watching me shoot and, you guessed it, Can I shoot that? Sure you can......Man I like this and how much is it. Well he is now the proud owner of a 995 ATI'd Hi point with a 4 power scope. I now have a red dot on mine and we are issueing a challenge to a local yocal that has a Beretta storm. This will be a friendly competition at the indoor range at the shop. If the storm is more accurate than the 2 995s then we will have to break out the micrometer to measure the groups......Cheese
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    I love it! I wish folks would keep us more informed about their Hi-Point Sermons* they pass on at the range.
    *Hi-Point Sermons was originally coined by moderator Neothespian on March 09, 2008 @ 8:15pm.