All I want for Christmas..........

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  1. DLC

    DLC Member

    ............Is Ammo. Preferably 9mm..........:D Thank you.

    What do you guys want?
  2. The latest modifications comming out for my saiga 12 shotgun

  3. The winning Idaho Powerball ticket. Then I could treat you all to your most wanted firearm.

    Realistically, though, a H&K P2000SK 9mm.
  4. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Well, if I were into the holiday full-force, It would look something like this:

    -A move back to Phoenix before the first of the year
    -A chance to land the Asst. Tech Director job down there as well
    -A 995 carbine
    -A puppy (Seriously!)
    -A job for both my Siblings
    -An end to hideous Christmas music (Lindsay Lohan and Hanna Montana 9 hours a day at work doing the same 4 covers.....shoot me now)
  5. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. That is just cruel.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled topic...
  6. A dremel tool, an effects pedal for my electric guitar and as much reloading crap as you guys can afford.


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    REALLY!!! Oh WOW! Thanks! In that case I'll let you by me the most expensive firearm there is. :lol:
  8. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    A Thompson A1. With a drum clip.


    There is one at the local gun shop for $800! (actually two for $800 each) and then at Sportsman's warehouse they have one for $1,119. Such a pretty gun!
  9. Heavy as hell too! :wink:

    Gonna have to beef up your forearms just to hold that sucker!
  10. vallen

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    Hey Primal, I have an extra dremel. Trade you for a box of 9mm?
    We both get what we want for x-mas!
  11. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member


    What would you do with a .50 cal Sharps Buffalo gun? :wink:

    That's the most expensive usable gun I know of. Built here in Montana in a little town out by Bozeman. Expensive, heavy, and a single shot but very very accurate at very long range. They already have a two year waiting list for them. :shock:

    Hey, wait. Two Years. That's about long enough for .40_in_idaho to hit the numbers. Sign me up. :p

    As to Christmas, all I want is for my stepson to get well enough from his rheumatoid arthritis to get out of his power recliner and go to college in Bozeman like he wants. If that happens, I'll know GOD has something special in mind for him. :!:
  12. I actually have a buddy that told me he has a dremel that he's never used and is going to give it to me before he PCS's. Only thing is he's got to give it to me when his wife isn't home. His In-laws gave it to him for Christmas a few years ago, and as he can't stand his in-laws, he's willing to pass the dremel on to me.

    If he can't get it out of the house without his wife flipping out, I'll let you know, and I'll trade you for that dremel.
  13. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Peace on Earth, Good will towards men?
    Eh well.............
    So I will settle for my Kel-Tec PLR16 (which I got already)

    I figure I am already happy with what I am able to provide my family. Kids happy with thier Christmas gifts and a happy wife with her "new" '66 Stang.
  14. not gonna happen but:

    Laptop- IBM or Dell(1420/1421, or m1330)
    1000 ranier .40 S&W bullets
    a car to call my own! - I just want like a mid 90's cherokee or somethin similar.
  15. I want to be home for christmas, and unless something weird happens, for the first time in 6 years, I will be................
  16. minidriver

    minidriver Member

    I just want a full on professional restoration of my austin mini pickup and the wife's austin mini saloon. Should only cast about 30-40k. Oh yeah,,,and a para ordinance warthog 9mm for ccw, a .50bmg for fun and long range. One of every model of Hi-point sold right now and a 53' semi trailer full of ammo for all calibers that I have. And a humvee,,, and a ,,,,, oooooooooooo, scratch the earlier stuff,,,,,,,,,, all I want for Christmas is a fully loaded,,, fully functional A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt II.
  17. hpman

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    I like the lottery idea. That would be a great christmas present. If anyone wins, they should throw a HPFF party at the HP HQ and give out free c9's to everyone.
  18. I'll settle for my wife not killing me in the wake of the AK kit order I placed the other day. :D
  19. Machine shop tools and lots of material.

    New hobby, so all my money has been sunk in that tis year. Wife is cool with it cause I dont spend "that much money" and it keeps me in the house on the weekends.

    That or a picture of George Bush with a 995 Hi Point standing over the corps of Bin Laden. :mrgreen:
  20. I'm pushing for Call Of Duty 4 for my XBOX360,
    Another 1000 rounds of 7.62x39mm
    1000 of 9mm,
    and a recliner would be nice.