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    This is nothing new. Things were REAL bad in the late 80's when I was a kid all over the UK. There's always been a fresh influx of guns since many nations around England in the EU have rights to bear arms, and it doesn't take much to dismantle a gun and ship it over. My brother had a few "mates" who made a good living in their first college years by doing so.

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    They're readily available to those who have no regard for the law... :roll:
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    It is a proven fact 100 times over that removing guns from the people allows the criminals to run free and without fear.

    EDIT: Ura, I just read the quote in your sig, Mitch was a damn funny guy. To bad he died. I love that quote.
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    Yes, he was a funny guy. Too bad he chose to waste such an awesome talent...
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    He said "I used to do drugs... ... ... I still do, but i used to, too."
    Man, i've played many of the mitch hedberg vids on

    To not hijack, here is a reply to the OP:
    What the saddest part is, now the people are protecting their homes and family with swords. It's not the fact that they are using the swords, but their government is trying to BAN SWORDS TOO! Geez,

    "I've got a really crappy idea."
    The response across the pond?
    "I can make it even crappier!!!"
  7. Did we not fight 2 wars aginst that country? Now our goverment wants to disarm us so Britian can win this one!!!!!!!!!!!
    It isn't about wining a battle,it's about winning a war.
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    Excuse me, but last time I looked the US was not at war with Brittan. Best not to crap on America's biggest ally
  9. I totally agree with what Neo said. You don't go picking fights with your friends and allies. *shakes head in disbelief*
  10. Sorry
    That just didn't come out right.
    And i'll bet there isn't any way of getting out of this one with my skin.