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    I would like to approach a previous post of mine from a different angle.

    Please read this thread .40 cal magazines

    Do your magazines -- .380, 9mm, .40, .45 -- have a flat mag follower or is it rounded? Do you think the mag lip adjustment is needed here or should I also consider filing down/flattening the hump?

    I know I've been advised by some, but I wanted to get more opinions from all caliber owners.

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    Both of my mags look like the one on the left(no hump). I would think that maybe the hump puts the round at to much of an upward angle. Is the mag on the right a genuine Hi point mag or a replacement from a different company. A guy at the gun show told me the aftermarket mags are junk. But i would try filing the hump down before throwing it. I do know that they say if you have mag problems to make sure the ears at the top are closed enough. Well if you open the ears a little the end of the round tends to point upwards. Could be the problem.

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    Does the gun jam only when you put one of the mags with the hump or when you put any of the clips in?
  4. i personally never had a problem with both 9mm mags i have for my c9, i had a few stove pipes with my gun but other then that with over 4k in ammo through it ive never been let down and thats why it was my main carry for my CWP until i got my S&W sigma .40
  5. The hump is on the new mags from Hipoint the flat one is a older version.I have a 4095 and a 40 JCP and the mags interchange.I tried them about 3 hrs. ago . Thay work great.
  6. I haven't ajusted the feed lips and mine is a new magazine with a ''hump''.
  7. Never had a problem with a 40 or 45 mags. Only problem I had was with the C9 when I first got it. It would load the first round until you smacked it on the counter or the wall. Turns out the last round goes in a little strange like the business end pointing down a little. I make sure it's seated right when I insert the mag and it works great everytime. 2k rounds now.
  8. I have 5 mags for my 4095. All have flat followers and I have had no feeding problems.