All these toys and my favorite is still the 995TS?

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  1. So, I've bought (and sold) quite a few firearms since December...
    My first long gun was a 12 gauge Savage/Stevens 320 "Security" model, and won't ever sell that one.
    Next was the HiPoint 995TS, which has over 2500 rounds through it with just a broken firing pin spring as it's only issue, ever.
    Then a 10/22, hated it...then another 10/22...yup, still hated it.

    Decided I wanted some handguns.

    First was a Springfield Armory XD-9 (9mm), Tactical w/5" it.
    Next was a used S&W SW9VE (9mm), aka The "Sigma"...Biggest POS I have ever owned. Tried different trigger springs, polishing everything, etc...sold it for $200 and was happy to get that.

    Next was a Ruger Mark II (.22LR) which is actually for the wife, but I shoot it now and again. Nice piece, and 25 years old. Can't sell it.

    Next, bought myself a bi-tone Ruger P-95 (9mm), which has trigger work, and adj. front and rear fiber optic sights. Nice shooter.

    Bought a newly released S/A XD-45 MOD.2 (.45 acp), and although it was a nice gun, hurt my carpal tunneled wrist, so had to trade it right back in a month later. :wah:

    Decided it was time for another new one, but had also just traded some ammo for a Glock G21 (.45 acp), w/adj. trigger, and 1/2 dozen spare mags. Shoots great, easy on the recoil, but I surely don't get all the "fanboi" crap about a Glock...:loco: I have $400 into it, so it'll stay here awhile though.

    I wanted to see what all the 1911 talk was about....The new one I decided on was a Ruger SR1911 (.45acp), which I already shoot as well as I do the old XD-9, so it ain't going anywhere. :thankyou:

    Anyway...the point I have, in my roundabout, is that after all the recent buying/selling/trading, there's never been a thought of the 995TS leaving....I still consider it my favorite, although I am getting a Wyndam Weaponry AR-15 next...I still think the 995 will be my loyal friend. ;)

    No reason whatsoever, a range pic from the other day...gotta keep sharp with all the riots and stuff right down the street from me...:mad:

    From left to order of recoil. :blush:
    Ruger P-95, S/A XD-9, Ruger SR1911, and the Glock G-21


    Is it weird that I still want a C-9? :confused:
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    Nope. I have a pretty broad range of firearms in my collection, too, including a G21and a 1911, among others. That didn't stop me from getting a 45 JHP and a 4595TS. If you have a 995TS, then you should have the C9 to go with it. Either that, or trade your 995 for a 4595 and match a 45 JHP with it like the rest of the cool people.:cool:

  3. I have definitely been wanting a 4595, but locally they're about $100 more than online. Add in the transfer fees and whatnot, then it's a wash, or close.
  4. Kiln

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    I love the XD9. My Springfield XDM's are my favorite guns to shoot. Right there with my CZ75B.
  5. fatal-bert33

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    I went to the shooting range Thursday with 5 guns. My 995TS was one of them. I shot more ammo through the 995TS then all the other ones combined. It is a fun gun and eats any cheap ammo I feed it !!!
  6. undeRGRound

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    HP Carbines are a blast, and for the price, a great value.
    Despite the low capacity magazines ;) I'm still threatening
    to take that spare 4595 stock I bought from 2048MB and
    try and fit a double stack mag in there. Have to wobble out
    the receiver a little bit, or extend the mag top just a smidge...
  7. Doesn't seem odd to me at all. I own several milsurp rifles, more than a few modern rifles, handguns, and shotguns, a few that I did builds on, a half dozen had me downs that are mostly on the 3rd generation in my family, 3 1911s (ne a 3 digit USMC issue Colt 1911 safe queen, A Singer 191 A1, and n AMT Hardballer that was a custom build by my dad and I), a Beretta M9, and a slew of Jennings, Bryco, and Jimenez J22s.

    If I had to pick my top 5, will get handed down after I pass on firers, this would be the list:

    1.Mom's safety pattern 1 Jennings J 22
    2. Mossberg 185 d with all 3 chokes and a Redding Peep Sight on it (Dad's dad's deer shotgun}
    3. Remington 11-48 (Mom's dad's deer gun.)
    4. CVA 1860 Colt Army clone that was built from a kit by dad and me in 1986
    5. F.I.E. SB-1 Youth .410 single shot.

    you'll notice that, with the exception of possibly the 11-48, all of the firearms on that list go for about a C Note used, and cost less than that new. I have much more expensive firearms that I have bought over the last 20 years (.45-70 Quigley Sharps, Dan Wesson 15-2 with the full pistol pack, 2.5 inch Colt Python, S&W Governor, 03 A4 and 03 A3 Springfields, Remington 870 xpress Magnum that I built for a customer 15 years ago as a 3 gun competition rig that I bought back when he upgraded to a Benelli Semi-auto) but they are all trade in\sell fodder as they are worth more to me money wise the sentimentally. Then there are the ones that just feel right in my hands (Dad's Ruger GP100, my Ruger 10\22, Ruger Mini 14 BAO, Jimenez JA Nine, Type 56 SKS, and my [wife keeps comandeering it on me] Charter Arms AR-7) that it would almost take an act of God to give them up.

    IOW, your attachment to your 995TS seems normal to me. Do keep in mind that I ain't normal though............ ;)
  8. planosteve

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    Your CZ is missing something. Oh yea the D. I love my CZ 75 BD Police. I prefer the de-cocker over the safety.
  9. Kiln

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    I don't like the decocker. Cocked and locked all the way. The hammer on mine only goes down when the trigger is pulled aside from storage.
  10. FlashBang

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    I've got 4 safes full of WWII rifles, current production rifles, revolvers, pistols, and machine guns.... and both my daughter and I still reach for the 995TS when we want to relax and shoot together. She loves using it for playing Battleship with the game targets. I let her win.... at least that's my story. :p
  11. bersa2

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    Like Flashbang I have way more toys than I need. Every trip to the range I take my 995. It gets the most comments from people at the range. Most people I have run into don't know about Hi Points or know very little ( No opinions based on internet ramblings). I let anyone who is interested shoot it, I'll even supply the ammo for the first mag. These things work and work well.