Almost Bought a C9 Today

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by BowlerGT, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Just got back from Vances since I had to return a holster that didnt work for my Bersa. Anyways while I was there I wanted to check out a few guns in their add of course the first 2 they were out of so I figured Id look at a C9 to go with my 995. Guy handed it to me and first thing I noticed is how top heavy the gun is, second the grip was not all that comfortable to me and the trigger felt a little "sloppy" I guess is how to say it. Now they had them on sale for $139 and I was planning on getting one but after hold it I'm not to sure maybe Im just too use to my M&P .40 and my 1911.
  2. I'll agree with your accessment, to a point. My C9 empty, does feel top heavy. But with a loaded 8 or 10 rnd mag in it, it balances right out. And, if you look close, most of us don't really like the grip either. Thats why we put on the Hogue, bicycle tube, or other brands of slip on grips. Once I added a hogue to mine, it just melted right into my hand and feels as good as my Ruger. So, if you see someone at a range with theirs setup that way, ask if you can give it a grip.

    Heck, for $139, I'd buy one anyway. I gave $150 for mine used, and still think it was a good deal. If you find you just don't really like, you can easily sell it and make your money back.

  3. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and pick one up anyways, its either that or a Russian M91/30, Russian N1895 7.62, Czech CZ 70, Czech VZ-24 Mauser 8mm, Yugo M24/47 8mm, all really cheap at Vances, just looking for something cheap/interesting to add to the collection
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    I sure wouldn't pass up the chance.....put on a slip on pachmyr (spelling???) or houge and they feel great.
  5. links to any of these grip manufacturers?
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    I just got my C9 from Vance's a couple of weeks ago. I actually do like the grips on my Hi Points a lot but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. They do balance right out though when you have a full mag in it. I'm thinking of picking up a 91/30 from there as well. The last time I was there they still had a few of them, so hopefully I'll be picking one up.
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    I got my Pachmayr at Bass Pro
  8. I bought my butler creek large universal, and having it on is like holding a completely different gun. It is literaly amazing the difference in feel. I am sure any one of the grips would have the same effect.
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    I agree with BowlerGT. I've had my C9 since last August. I have bigger hands. The C9 unloaded IS top heavy with with a full mag it is (for me) balanced just right. Fits comfortably without added grips and using a Vega N150 holster for 4-inch guns is just fine for carry.
  10. Hey Bowler, I bought my C9 from vance's about a week ago. That $139 price is great and it comes with a hard case. My buddy bought one a few months ago for the same price and it just came in a white cardboard box.
  11. Their Mosin's are like what, $79.00? Buy yourself one, it's a piece of history for the lowest price I've seen on them anywhere without a C&R license. Hell, I dropped $109.00 on mine, it had refinished furniture on it, so that saved me to work on that part of the deal.
  12. You should buy a C-9 for $139 around here all the shops have jumped on the OBAMMA :mad: band wagon and gouged the prices up between $179 and $229 for the hi-points . OH well I guess that's supply and demand also.