Almost had a shootout this morning

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  1. Setting: Gun store/shooting range. Hallway entering the place is about 20 feet long, a perfect bullet funnel.

    Occupants: Four staff members (two off duty cops, two employees, all of them open carrying). About 4 range members in the general area of the retail area.

    Situation: I'm standing in the waiting room to the range next to the retail area when I see people drawing guns, and I hear "Drop the f***ing gun! I'll f***ing shoot your **s if you don't drop the f***ing gun! Drop the f***ing gun now!".

    People are taking cover, one of the cops is taking a flanking position to the hallway. Out of my eyesight the BG had pulled a rifle out from concealment on his person. One of the off duty cops recognized him as a perp he'd gotten in a fight with previously after he was arresting him and the BG took a swing at him.

    Cop closest to me tells me to get into the other room and take cover, which I do with my friend I'm with. We haven't drawn, but my hands on my GLOCK and his hand is on his. Everyone in the main area is behind counters or walls, pistols drawn.

    Perp curses, turns around to leave... and one of the cops says he recognizes it as a BB gun as he used to own a similar model when he was a kid.

    I went into the range after he left, so I'm not sure what went down afterwards, but they called the police on him and I'm assuming he was caught. Freaking idiot.

    We have an SOP at the range that CCW holders are to let staff deal with the problem if it develops, and not interfere unless we're in direct immediate danger. I was in the other room out of the line of fire, so I didn't draw, but I was ready to do so. I was also positioning myself to drag the cop out of the line of fire if he went down. We had an MP5 and AR-15 in a range bag next to my friend, but I didn't make a move towards it; I decided instead to expedite my way to cover. I figured if shots were fired, I needed a pistol NOW, and it wasn't worth the time opening the range bag, digging for the mags, etc.

    It was pointed out to me I should have shot him in self defense; I figured if the cops weren't firing it wasn't my place to. Shooting a BG when there are two cops with drawn guns but holding fire is IMO a situation where a prosecutor would feed me to the hounds.

    As far as the long guns, both were my buddies (I only brought pistols). Didn't know where stuff was in his range bag, just what was in it. Didn't know if the mags were in separate side compartments, etc. I figured if anything only the MP5 would be of use (the AR-15 would have serious over-penetration issues, as well as IMO 5.56 FMJ being an inferior SD round compared to 9mm JHP). Additionally, the MP5 is a lot easier to fire rapid fire (any decent shooter can punch quarters within 7 yards).

    Thoughts/comments welcome. Lesson learned: always be vigilant.
  2. Glad everything worked out ok man. It's also always good to do what the cops tell you to do, regardless of wether or not you have a right to shoot. You probably could have justified drawing your weapon, and if he'd pointed the gun AT YOU, you could have justified popping a round or two. However, with 2 off duty cops there, they had it covered and I am glad it all got situated....

    We wouldn't want anything to happen to the HPFF Pimp now would we? :wink:

  3. HOLY CR#P! That guy either had nads the size of King Kong or he just stepped off the short yellow bus. He's lucky he wasn't Swiss cheese after pulling something like that.
  4. Wow! A close call with a happy ending, that being the ending where no one (especially a HPFF member gets hurt). It's always the wise choice to let the professionals handle a situation, but it's good to be preared.

    Glad that ended ok.
  5. .......... and, if you'd drawn and started to shoot - or just drawn - who'd to say the cops wouldn't have thought you were in on it. Now they feel "surrounded" and who knows what could've happened.

    Yikes - thank God, you're safe and all's well.
  6. talk about being a dumb ass. he's lucky he didn't get himself killed.
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    That would be all about myth that perps don't train :)
  8. ^ by the way, welcome back bud. where ya been!?
  9. Hi herrmannek, where you been? I missed you man!! I always enjoyed your posts at the other forum! Don't be a stranger! Sorry for the
    Hi-jack of this post!!!
  10. Eh I hijack enough other threads I don't mind lol
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    A big WELCOME HOME Hermanneck....glad to see your still there
  12. Herrmannek! YAAAY! Welcome back!
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    I'm still here :) I was buisy with work and non gun parts of the forum conveniently slowed down a little so I took a little break from daily postings... Plus I was training for my motorcycle license and truly its a pain in the ass here in Poland. Can you imagine I have to wait one month for a computerized driving theory test, and only after I pass I can book practical exam, and yes first free date is one month ahead... I started taking classes in February and I have at least 2 months still to wait. Ridiculous :lol: . Just don't let that happen in US
  14. Here is the US you just show up, demonstrate competence riding sober, then you drink a few and demonstrate competence riding while intoxicated, and as long as you don't hit anything worth over $10,000 you're good to go :)
  15. LMAO!!! I wish it was that easy. Here in New Mexico, you have to take a 2 day class and then take a test before they will give you a safety certification so you can add motorcycles to your license.
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    wow, just, wow....he walks into a GUN SHOP and points a weapon at someone?
  17. And everyone there open carries. Yep. I still think he was strung out.
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    had to be, especially considering he had a bb gun.
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    That or a case of suicide by cop that saw the light. Good job by the way.

    Take Care and Stay Safe
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    What a flippin moron. Glad everything turned out and no one was killed or hurt.

    I imagine you had a bit of adrenaline running!