ALMOST Heart Broken

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bigmfkp, Aug 22, 2014.

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    I have always liked the Stevens Favorite 22 Rifle but have never owned one. My Wife & I was in Gander Mountain & My Wife brought to My attention a Stevens Favorite 22 they had for $100 dollars. It was in good shape other than needing a little TLC. How fun it would be to shoot squirrels with this rifle I thought as I held it. As I was about to tell the Associate I would take it a older Gentleman that was standing at the counter next to My Wife & I started talking to My Wife. I had My eye on that Rifle & was going to buy it for My Grandson. My Wife looked at Me & whispered don't You dare while Her eyes cut through Me. I told the Gentleman as I handed the Rifle to Him, I couldn't buy the Rifle knowing He was there to buy it for His Grandson & forced a smile on My lips. I paid for the Items I was originally there for & left ALMOST heart broken. I remember how I felt when I received My first gun as a young Boy. A western Field .410 bolt action shotgun that I still have to this day. I can only hope that Stevens Favorite 22 will bring that young fella half the joy My first Gun brought to Me.
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    Happy & Safe Shooting Friends. :D

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    That was a true sacrifice and a worthy one too. I too have my first gun, Stevens 410 bolt action. Also my dads full length stock Remington 22 bolt action. Not worth much except too me,

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    You'll find the right gun. Doing something right comes back to you tenfold.
  4. Cheers. :D You probably have no idea how much that will mean to that boy as he gets older and still has that rifle 30 years from now.
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    You paid it forward in a big way. Thanks for being a great example to all of us.
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    NE Utah
    Hope that guy wasn't full of it.;)

    So here's your next assignment. It costs more, but they still make a falling block like the Favorite.

    The Model 30G, costs over $300. Should last a lifetime or two.

    Here's mine.

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    My first firearm was an old H&R single shot .410 shotgun. I was 12 yrs old. Got it as a Christmas present.
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    Thanks Friends

    Thank You Friends for the kind words. I am glad the young fella is going to get the Rifle & I sincerely hope that His Grandfather takes the appropriate time necessary to teach Him the rules of safe Gun practices & Gun care. I must admit that for a brief moment I felt like the Older Gentleman just had sex with My prom date :D
    Safe & Happy Shooting Friends.
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    While you may not have the rifle, you've helped to get another person involved in shooting and practicing their 2nd amendment.

    Good on you.

    I too have my first gun, a remington 870 20g youth model I got when I was 7 years old, of all the firearms I own that one has been the most influential. Not only for me but for getting others, including my fiancé and my brothers girlfriend, involved in shooting.

    You never know the impact an item can have on yourself and others.

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    Unfortunately I do not have my first 3 firearms anymore. My grandfather bought me a 410, a muzzle loader, and a .22. When he died my scum bag uncle swept through and took all three, my first long bow, and the rc piper cub my grandfather and I built together. I had left them with my grandfather for safe keeping while I was deployed and my uncle raided the house before the man was even laid to rest.
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    First gun I ever got was my 4595 a couple years ago, and don't plan on ever getting rid of it.