Almost lost my dog.

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  1. I have a 5 year old Austrian Shepard and she is the smartest dog I have ever seen. She knows sign language commands, voice commands, and knows all the members of the family by name.

    Right at 6pm my wife goes to let her into the house and she jumped straight up and bumped the storm door. When she did one of the glass panes broke. She hit the grown a section of glass stuck into her chest. My wife called me and I applied pressure until my wife called the vet. Of course they where closed so we had to go to the emergency vet. My wife drove and I hold her in the back seat she was doing very good on the 15 min car ride. We got her there and they took her right back.

    After some CPR, emergency surgery, lots of blood and lots of meds to fight infection she is doing much better,. The surgeons told us her jugular was cut completely in two. The glass made a small cut but they had to cut a 3-4" opening to find both sections and reattach them. They don't know how she lived as long as she did with the jugular cut.

    They told use Sunday night she is eating very good and should recover good as long as they can keep the infection down. With a little luck she will be home in a few days.

    Glad we still have our tax refund. Hoping our home owners insurance will help with the costs but I don't know. But she is my girl and in the end I don't care about the cost just glad she is doing good. She is part of the family and we all is not having her here with us.

    Pray for her please.
  2. Freaky accident. I'm glad your dog is doing well and you did good to help. Prayers sent.

  3. Bull

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    That's crazy..... Glad she's pulling through!
  4. My wife just called me and the vet has released her to come home today. I want to take off work to get her but I'm going to let my wife get her.
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    [QU OTE=Bull;2142369]That's crazy..... Glad she's pulling through![/QUOTE]

    Awesome! Everyone can take a breath now.
  6. Glad to hear your dog is ok. I'm a longtime dog lover/owner, and they're just another member of the family. We have had a few late night and early morning trips to the vet E.R.
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    wow! i bet that was pretty dang scary. poor dog. i'll bet she's frightened as hell and has no idea what she did. i know when i take my dogs to the vet they get really nervous since they've had their share of emergencies too.

  8. OMG.... Belle loves to go to the vet. So many pats and hugs there and soooo many things to smell. She loves to go anywhere for that matter.

    OP, I'm glad to hear your pup is ok.
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    Lol... We had a husky mix girl who hated the vet. Not because of the people, just other dogs... She would give other dogs the most disgusted looks for sniffing around her.
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    Very scary, Glad to hear that she is going to be OK and is coming home. I think you would appreciate this. I picked it up at a second hand store over the weekend.Not sure why its sideways. But I thought it was very cool. Hopefully you can see it. It says " Not this trip old pal". Hercules Powder Co. 1917

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  11. She has always liked car rides but she normally gets car sick so we don't go very often. She did great in the car on the way to the vet and on the way home today. They said there is a risk of brain damage because she was with out air and blood so long. But she still knows who we are, her name and all the basic commands (sit, stay, lay down,) so I'm not worried about that.

    Can't put into words how glad I am she is home. Went and saw her at lunch. Tonight I plan on sitting in the couch with a beer and her on my lap.

    Thansk for the support good to hear everyone doesn't think I'm crazy. :).
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    Shoot no brother..., we had to put down sweetie, our husky mix girl a few years ago because of a illness shed been fighting for years finally caught up to her... Tore me and the wife up a lot worse than I thought it would. Amazing how much a part of you an animal can get.
  13. Sorry to hear that bull. We had to put down our boxer in the fall and he had been with us for 11 years, heck that is longer than we have had our youngest son. We all took it very bad he was part of the family for sure.
  14. Glad your dog is going to be okay. Prayers for a quick recovery!
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    not crazy at all. when we unexpectedly lost our lil Ricky last August i was totally catatonic for days and depressed for many weeks. i still get choked up thinking about him.
  16. Bull

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    Well I'm glad yours is pulling through... Get her healthy, and out plexiglass in the door!
  17. This weekend I'm replacing it all with plexiglass. Going to start removing the glass tonight.
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    Glad your dog is doing well and I wish a full, speedy recovery. We have two dogs in our family, one is a male chow mix about 10 years old, the other a female border collie about 2 years old.
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    Pets are family members, my 2 cats are a part of the family and if one os sick or has to go to the vet I worry until they get better.

    Someone was looking over your pup, prayers for a speedy recovery
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    Yes, we will!