Almost shot my C9 in the living room!

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  1. Ok first let me say I live in a bad bad place in south Dallas. My wife and I both have CHL's and always have a gun close.

    On Friday I was home with the flu and laying on the sofa. My 10 year old "Lewis" went out to check the mail. We have one of those shared mail boxes maybe 12 boxes per little unit, ours just happens to be infront of our house.
    My wife follows him out the door a little (just keepin and eye on him) and our 60lb german shepard "Alice" is with her. Out of nowhere comes this big frickin pit bull heading right for the mail box. My son froze, my dog didn't and raced out and slammed into the pit and the fight then insued.
    My wife screaming for me then ran into the fight and got the pit off Alice and all three headed for the door. I'm up and heading for the door now and don't know what the hecks going on.

    I open the door and Alice runs in followed by Lewis and the pit who is coming after Alice now. I manage to slam the storm door into the pits head and the wife is outside, I'm inside and the pit is stuck at the neck in the door. My C9 is laying on the TV 5 feet away and I'm thinking if I let go of the door and get the gun the dogs coming in and I'm gonna make a frickin big messin the living room!

    This is one of those times that everything slows way down and seems like it's running in slow motion. I have made up my mind to screw the mess grab the gun and shoot the dog. All this stuff is now going through my head, like why didn't I grab the gun before I opened the door and why didn't my wife have her gun which I could see next to the C9. She doesn't even walk out to the trash without her Taurus 38 snub in her pocket.

    Now I have a big change of heart, coming down the hall about 3 feet away is our other son 2 year old "Rocky". If I open the door and the pit makes it in Rockys gonna be right in the way before I can get to the gun.

    Man, now what? I kick the dog in the face with everything I've got and out the door he goes. I pull the door closed and spin around yelling for Lewis to grab his brother and grab the gun, snap off the safty and pull back the slide, a round flipped out telling me a wasted 2 second as there was a bullit ready to go already and headed out the door to get me some bulldog. The wife comes past me screaming and the dog is running down the block too far away to fire with houses and people around.

    Back in the house we go and check on the boys. Lewis is fine the dog never touched him. We find Alice in her bed in the back of the house and she realy bit up. Her tail is almost in half she bleeding in several places on her back and legs. I'm on the phone with 911 and animal control. My wife is on the cell phone to her mother 5 blocks away telling her come over right now to stay with the boys while we get Alice to the vet.

    I grab some towells and go to grab Alice and the truck keys and then I look up and my wife is gone. I run out the door to hear a single shot being fired, I look back in the door and my wifes 38 is gone! Now my heart is really pumping. How do I explain to the cops that my wife is fricking dog hunting down the block in the middle of the afternoon.

    She comes back to the house her mom shows up minutes later and we race to the vet. Alice is going to be alright. My father-in-law came and got the Taurus 38 and took it to his house and we waited on the police to show up. They never did, that's how bad the area we live in is the cops never come.

    Now before the questions start coming in:
    We built the house 11 years ago and it wasn't a bad place then.

    I do have loaded guns all over the house, there all over 6 feet or higher off the ground so the baby can't reach them.

    Lewis has been taught never touch a gun without us and goes to the range when we do, knows what a gun sounds like and has fired my Taurus 9mm and my Colt 380.

    Money constrants have stopped us from moving and we'll be in better shape and putting the house on the market on March 1st


    Never mess with a gun carring CHL holding mexican womans kids or family dog, I can't find this pit bull dog anywhere (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

  2. :shock: whoa glad to hear everyone is Ok I also live in a rough neighborhood where if you call the cops sometimes they come sometimes they don't all depends on the mood their in and if they have a body to pickup
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    So did you talk to your wife after she came back? Or do you not know anything about the incident.
  4. What's to talk about - 1 round, 1 dog.
    I was not very happy with her and we had a few words. She did just what I wanted to do but thought better of it. Some women just shoot first and ask questions later.

    Oh and FYI there were at least 40 shots fires in my area last night, the wife swears she counted 45. The 911 lady said there had been over 10 calls and no arrest were made as far as I know.
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    Speaking as someone who has grown up in the king of bad neighbourhoods, I know all too well how you feel (That and I used to work for a now defunct non-profit theater on the Northside of the 635/I-75 junction in Dallas over by the Denny's and just past the Wal-Mart).

    It's difficult thing to live in a place you know is a risk, yet finances dictate otherwise. As far as the situation, I really can't offer any sage bits of wisdom, but can only empathize.
  6. Glad your children, wife and you are safe, and I really hope your dog isnt badly hurt and makes a full speedy recovery.

    Lady that rents the house across the street from my sis-in-law has three very large Rot's that run loose inside her 4' fensed in yard. About 6 months ago she had a fourth big male Rot that the local PD put down when it got loose and started going after people in their neighborhood. I love dogs, we have 5 Poms and a outside Lab, but I cant stand big mean dogs that either run freely or are kept unsafely. In my opinion the owners should be required to have Ins on certain large breed dogs when living in close proximity to other people, children and elderly. Children and the elderly can not fight off a dog attack like a healthy 20-50ish adult can.

    If any of you big dog owners are offended by what I said please understand that about 20 years ago I had a large mean chow come after my then 1 and 3yr old children in my own fensed in yard. I was outside working on my vehicle and the wife at the time was sitting in a lawn chair watching the children play. Only thing that save my children was us being so close to them when the dog came over the fense after them. Because of this I have a very short fuze and ill temper towards big mean dogs and careless owners who dont care about other peoples safety.

    Ok... off my soap box now and will stop ranting.
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    When i was in 1st grade a smaller dog bit me on the leg, and my father shot it with a 9mm... It's a rule, especially if it wasn't just a "play fight" to put the dog down.
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    My belief is that dogs, no matter the breed, are trained or inclined by thier owners to their behaviors...

    That being said, I own a German Sheppard (long hair). On walks, she is a darling, but her size, always give people pause when I am walking her. Yes, got her from another family, where she used to jump the fence. An inclination?

    I honestly can play with her till she is sick of it, and wont acknoledge me anymore...she is done. Some times during play, I agitate her to the point where she "Nips" instead of biting...thats her point to me. I respect that.

    When on a walk, to me, due to her being a German Sheppard, she is like a loaded gun. Yes, she was trained well before we got her, but I always keep her on a short leash. Always. Never do I let her run about till we reach home. She is such a sweetheart to a fault: I have never seen her act aggressive at all (and I DONT want to test any dogs resolve on that!)
    I know she CAN be aggressive, although she never shows any behavior. Thus, I keep her on such a short leash.

    To me, walking with her, is LIKE having a loaded gun: That sounds bad, but its true. I know the potential, and act accordingly.

    My only gripe is that guy who insists on walking his dog at the same time in my neighborhood, and that stringerwire MOFO is BARELY restraining his dog from charging us. Seems like everytime we walk, that guy/dog is there.
  9. I guess a couple of forum members have had recent incidents and I thank God you all found the strength to get through it safely.

    I'm same as many here on dogs of any size - don't care, it's your dog. But you need to control it always, or it becomes my dog. I do live in nicer area fortunately and a dog roaming would be a real surprise; so the cops would get called if it lingered. And good news here, they'd show up....
  10. Frikinnuts, I am glad that you and yours are safe and sound. Kiss that German Sheppard for me ok? I miss mine to this day.

    Elguapo, cherish that dog you have. She sounds like a sweetheart!

    Oh, and frikinnuts, no worries about that dog... 1 shot one kill and the neighborhood is safer because of it.
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    Sounds like you guys lucked out. We have had a few dogs running around in my neighborhood and so far none have attacked anyone. One chocolate Lab that runs around alot seems to only enjoy crapping in my yard.

    I hope you are able to get out soon and can find a safer place to live.
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    Ditto to what everyone else has already said.

    But, I'd like to say that your post was a GREAT and exciting little adventure story. Short. Enough detail to explain everything and not too lengthy.

    Just right!

    Great story!
  13. German shepherd are some fine animals. You picked a good breed to help protect your family.

    When I was a kid my dads silver shepard taught my little brother how to walk, and would pick him up by the shorts and bring him back away from the street. Very smart dog.

    Very glad to hear things worked out ok.