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Okay so basically speaking, I'd like to change the Iron Sights on my 995 I was thinking something like AR15/M4 sights but I also really like AK/SKS style sights. What do you guys think about this and how hard do you think it would be to do.


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In a way, the factory sights are "like" AR15/M16 sights, in that they are fully-adjustable rear peep with elevation-adjustable front blade. They are pretty well protected by wings.

I think the factory sights are a good choice considering the effective range and accuracy of the carbine. A much smaller or finer front blade, like on an AR15, wouldn't be bad but might be a split-second slower to pick up. Since the front sight is held on with two set screws, you could take it off easily and find another bolt on sight.

But changing to open sights (like your AK) would be tough. You would have to find a mounting point far enough from your eye which, in the case of the 995, would put it along the hand guard/heat shield. Plus, your sight radius would then be very short, making the weapon harder to shoot well.

My long-winded two cents! Hope it helps.
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