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  2. very nice. i cant wait to get one.
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    the trigger he sent me had to be rounded at the bottom so c9 triggers arent immediately availble like the 995 ones. Im going to modify his drawings for him to show the change and hopefully make some progress on the trigger work.

    Im off to the range!
  4. How is the overall fit of the trigger in the C9? I have one on its way and have been debating on whether to install it in my C9 or 995. Since you did the C9 I may go ahead and use the 995 just to see how well it installs and works at the range.

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    well there was slight modification required to fit the c9. im working w/ bushman on a new design. my girlfriend and I shot it today, ill have the review ready soon.
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    Way cool! I like it.
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    i think that would look especially good on the 380's
  8. Just installed mine on the 995 and it is flippin fantastic. The large flat face feels much like a 1911 trigger, which I am very acustomed to and was very surprised to feel. Best mod since the ATI stock.
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    I agree, I love mine. Ive already placed my order for a 2nd for my 995.
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    Apprently Gman isnt a big fan. He locked the topic in carbines and forbade the sale of them here.

  11. GM wants Hi Point to take a look at the trigger to make sure it will be an asset, not a liability to the weapons.

    Someone voiced a concern that the steel pin fitting in the aluminum trigger could cause premature wear.

    It seems to me that plastic trigger would wear just as fast, if not faster.

    I hope we get things figured out so they can go up for sale, they look good.
  12. That was me: my fear was that a steel pin on an aluminum trigger would gradually wear the hole larger. I _think_ though I'm not sure that a nylon insert would act as a bearing and avoid wear in both the hole and the pin. But that's a guess.

    As for HP's approval, after the trouble that ATIs have caused them, that's maybe not a bad idea. Except that it delays me getting one. :cry:
  13. Considering that the movement of the pin in the trigger is a simple movement, not done thousands of time a minute, I think it would take a long time and thousands of rounds before there was any wear that could be detected.

    I am not an engineer, but that is my opinion.
  14. Actually the movement occurs between the trigger sear and the pin (which is where it occurs in the original set up). The pin is a press fit into the alum trigger and should not rotate, hence not wear.
  15. Here is the topis where I stated a few concerns.

    Not saying anything will happen but wanted to give my views and a few ideas that could help.

    I am not so worried about the sear pin really unless it could work its way out.
    It was a tight fit but the aluminum did cut easily with just a stanley precision screw driver.
    I was wondering if the contact points where the trigger is aginst steel will wear quickly?
    It does pivot on the top pin and will be in contact with the reciever at the top and sides.
    I would suggest a extended wear test liked I talked about in the other thread.
    Also if a hard anodized coating were put on it that may stop any wear for a long time and would be something to look at as well.

    It is a well designed product Bushman98.
  16. Bushman -- I was referring to the pivot pin through the frame and the trigger. That's not to say that my concern is well-founded, but only that I wasn't concerned about the trigger sear.

    Quite frankly, I deeply hope that there's absolutely nothing amiss with the current designs, not only in the eyes of the reviewers, but also those of anyone at Hi-Point that wants to check these out. I want one (or more), and any delays increase my anxiety level :D