aluminum aftermarket rail that accepts stock rear sight?

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  1. Netofficer3710

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    does anyone make a aftermarket rail for my 995 ts that accepts the stock rear sight?
    I want to mount a laser to the top rail in an offset mount. I figure it's the most solid point on the gun to mount anything used for sighting.
  2. MachoMelvin

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    Aluminum rails on e-bay sold by ( have the holes lined up to correctly mount onto the receiver shroud. You will have to pick up some extended screws? The OEM screws would be too short. Here is their link.


    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    why use those aluminum rails when you can use Military spec'd Magpul rails ?? ,Magpul has rails in all different sizes and can be custom ordered to fit any firearm
  4. panoz77

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    Because the full length top rail has a special profile on the bottom to fit the 995, the bottom rail is angled so that it sits horizontal to the gun and holes are drilled specifically to fit a Hipoint. Those are just some of the reasons.
  5. mcmar

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    will those rails accept the original rear sight on the 995?
  6. MachoMelvin

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    Yes, the holes on the rail align up with the holes in the receiver shroud. You will need longer screws. Take the old screws + the receiver shroud + the threaded plate that goes underneath the receiver shroud + the OEM rear sight + the new picatinny to your local hardware store & have them fitted to size. You don't want them too long, or they will interfere with the breech action.
  7. Just for my own info. How many different width's are there?
  8. Bluehawk

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    BothofUs aluminum Picatinny rails

    I'm brand new here but would like to say I purchased two rails from BothOfUs off Ebay recently. The rails are excellent and beautifully machined! They fit like a glove.
    Here is a pic of my 4595TS with the new rail and a removable M16A2 carry handle/sight. Put it on just to see how the sight looked...I actually now have a Millett red dot on it.

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