Aluminum trigger installed on my 995, nice replacement-Pics

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by panoz77, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Fox

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    :shock: Now I like that!! Gotta get one for my 995

  2. Joe Sixpack

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    very nice, you make that your self?
  3. Scriz

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    Joe, theres a trigger buy thread in the For Sale section of the forum.
  4. panoz77

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  5. Cruiser

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    Is the new trigger longer, top to bottom, then the original? The original in my ATI stock just does not place my finger right. My "sweet spot" seems rest at about the lower tip on the original trigger!
  6. panoz77

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    Yes, and you can shape to fit with a dremmel, I rounded the edges on the replacement because I didn't like the sharp angles and prefer a smoother feel, I also polished with a felt tip on the dremmel and some rubbing compound.
  7. Thats pretty nice panoz77. I can't really tell in the pics but were you able to get it to a "mirror" finish?

    All you need now is a matching chrome receiver cover.... or perhaps a charging handle....hmmm... and before you ask I'm working on them right now...just took a lunch break.
  8. panoz77

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    Pretty close, not quite a mirror finish, plus when you install and re-insert the pins it tends to get some nicks and scratches around the holes, it is smooth and shiny but you can still see some of the milling, you definately could get it to a mirror if desired.
  9. Cruiser, since I dont have an ATI stock, I only made is as big as I could so it would fit in the original stock. Its slightly bigger but as you can see, in the ATI there is alot of space to grow. Making a ATI specific one is on my looooooong range to do list.
  10. blender

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    The Al trigger does make a difference in the ATI stock. I originally assembled the ATI stock without the spiffy Al trigger, the stock trigger just didn't feel "right".

    Having the Bushman trigger a millimeter or two longer would make a Good Thing even better, however I'm happy with the trigger and highly recommend it.
  11. Cruiser

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