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  1. About a week ago Bushman98 sent me one of his Aluminum triggers so I could do a review and post it on the HPFF. I apologize for the delay in gettin my review posted but my digital camera has been out on loan and that's what I was waiting for. The camera is still out so I have no pics to post and honestly I dont like to do reviews without taking my own pics, but in this case I felt it necessary to get the review posted because we have some execellent pic of the trigger already on the forum for reference.

    Here's a quick link for those who may have missed it:

    When the trigger arrived I gave it a really thorough inspection and was very pleased with the overall work done by Bushman98. I do feel the trigger needs a bit of final buffing to remove the sharp edges, this is already been discussed with Bushman98 so the final product will be a bit more refined than the pre production trigger I received. Currently the triggers are supplied "in the white" which means they are plain aluminum with no finish. I intend to use one of the spray on aluminum coatings on my trigger to remove the flashy silver finish. I dont like bling but others may.

    To disassemble my 995 I used the guide here:

    Once disassembled I used Bushman98's trigger installation guide found here:

    Once I had the 995 back togather I took a good look at it, then had a cup of coffee and a smoke, and was very pleased with how it looked on the carbine. As mentioned earlier the trigger arrived with a few sharp edges but before installation in my 995 I used my dremel and a buffing wheel to tone the edges down a bit. The new trigger felt much better than the original plastic trigger and in my opinion is well worth the time and effort to install.

    I give the aluminum trigger a 4 3/4 rating out of 5 just because it needed a bit of touchup prior to installation. Bushman98 is aware of this and the final production triggers will have fewer sharp edges that can give you some finger bite when shooting.

    Those of you who own a C9 and want the same trigger are in luck! z71silverado installed the same trigger in his C9, with minor fitting modifications, and reported that he too was very pleased with the results. You can see his C9 with the aluminum trigger here:

    To sum it all up... If you want a better trigger for you 995 or C9 I highly recommend Bushman98's aluminum trigger. PM him here on the forum and he can provide you with price, shipping and how soon he can have your trigger ready to ship.

    To Bushman98... Great job and look forward to more products from you in the future for our beloved HiPoint's.


    Bushman, should I just PM you with the info? I want one of the bolt handles and if it'll work with my 995, one of those triggers, , please! :D:D:D:D

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    so a moderator has reviewed this trigger.. now we need what? a site admin to approve and then they can be sold via the forum?

    or do we need to have HP look at it first?
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    Congratulations on not dying from this potentially deadly modification.

    I kid.

    Thanks for the review, glad to hear it fits well.