Always need new ideas for dealing with telemarketers

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  1. This guy has a bunch of cool ones posted. Mr. Mabe, I salute you!


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  2. 69burbon

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    I love those. He is my inspiration to take down the Telemarketers one annoying phone call at a time!!!

    Drives my wife nuts when I mess with those guys when they call. Usually If I know that its a telemarketer I'll answer the phone as an oriental take out place or maybe a pizza joint. I don't know how many times I have had window companies try to sell me winders for my dream trailer!!!!! :wink:

  3. If I could only think that fast on my feet LOL
  4. Strangerous

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    Quickest way to end a "May I speak with *name*?" question is "Si hablo Espanol?"
    If you're like me, and a total jerk, I like to keep them on the telephone as long as I'm entertained... I heard somewhere that they pay by the minute on the telephone... There's always the "Hold on one sec..." where you actually just resume whatever you were doing before the call came in... TV is the best time to do this because you talk to them about their offer during commercials!
  5. I remember once, I just started talking to him about non related stuff, being the fact they wont hang up. But I got one to hang up once, got him talking then I said. "So, what ya wearing?" *click* I felt accomplished when I got one to hang up.
  6. I try to keep them on the phone as long as I can . I heard that they have to make a certain amount of calls in an hour. When they get through with theit speach start asking them questions about what they just said.
  7. griff30

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    This one is JUST as good. "Can you hold on?" [ame][/ame]
    and "help me clean up all this blood..."
  8. Space

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    Tell you would be very interested but are on unemployment at the moment. They will never call you again...
  9. Lol, I love that. You called a murder scene, lol.
  10. Had an uncle, lived in the sticks, salt of the earth kind of guy.

    He would tell them "Sure, I owe everyone else in the county, why not?"

    That would get rid of most of them LOL
  11. 69burbon

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    One buddy of mine answers the phone and when he finds out it was a telemarketer he just sits the phone down until they finally hang up. To date his record is almost an hour.

    Taking the portable phone into the bathroom can be a hoot too. I have an old shampoo bottle that we keep filled with water for this purpose. Turn on the fan, flip up the seat and spray away with the bottle. Throw a couple cups a water in all at once to make a "plop". Mind you I am still on the line with the guy throughout all this!
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    I love screwing with them so much, its entertaining.