Am I nuts?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by minidriver, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Ok,,, I am not a nut,,,,,, really I am not. But the more I watch the news the more I think I need to buy more guns and a lot(tons) more ammo while I can. I have had the thought, until now, that cooller heads would prevail. But now I have thoughts to the contrary. Am I being reactionary and knee jerk? Or should I have started stockpiling a year or two ago?
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    I've been wondering the same thing lately.

  3. I am trying to build up my "stock" slow but steady. Not "panic buying " just trying to be ahead of the game for if and when. I do not buy out ammo stock if I find some and I have not paid the much inflated prices they are asking for some firearms. Given the history of the folks now in power I just figure it just makes good sense.
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    Whenever I have a chance I buy a little bit of ammo. I've been building up pretty steady for the past couple of months.
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    new to all this but buying a bit every paycheck
    especially 9mm
    very hard to get anywhere

    the Mailman
    no not Postal
  6. I really wonder if everyone stockpiling due to FUD is causing the shortages themselves.
  7. I try to buy one box of ammo each week, and stash it away. I started buying the weapons I really wanted early last year, because I could see this coming. Always the boyscout, be prepared. Not panic buys, just a slow methodical plan to make sure I had the "must haves" that I had on my list.

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    Buy what you can when you can. Yes you should of started years ago...
  9. I found the mother load 2 days ago... An ammo can locked in storage. Blew the dust off, and opened her up. Between the dessicant bags was some bulk 9mm I picked up at a gunshow years ago. Can was air-tight, and the dessicant bags were still dry. We'll find out if'n it's still good here in a day or so. :D
  10. I cannot find any ammo around here, so I have decided to start panic buying Spam and Twinkies.
  11. Current events are driving the purchase of handguns and ammo... It's one of the reasons why I'm getting a couple of Hi-Points in the next couple o weeks.

    You are not crazy, we both shoulda started sooner.

  12. Here's how I look at the situation (without dipping into the forbidden topic:)

    I'm making a conscious effort to attain certain weapons and ammo while they're both readily available and inexpensive. I got my GSG-5 for $470.00 new. Few weeks later...$549.00 new. I'm not being irrational, nor am I panicking--I'm just buying certain things while I still can.

    One thing I will tell you, though...if you want an assault rifle of sorts, I would pick it up while the "price is still low."
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    One thing I will tell you, though...if you want an assault rifle of sorts, I would pick it up while the "price is still low."

    +1 ON THAT
  14. YOU are not nuts and YOU are not alone. I made it a habit since last year around this time to pick up a box of ammo everytime I hit Wallyworld Mart or any gun shop. I do not have alot but enough for now. Firearms I have gone from owning one to now about 10 in a year also. My Dad said, "you'll see, one of these days They'll be marching down your street and you better be ready". That is why I have plans for my Son and Wife to take courseS this spring so they are trained too. Hey, you never know what the future brings us whether it's in our life time or our kids. Better be prepared than not.
    I can tell you that my neighbors all joked at me last year when I got my first gun and started buying ammo telling them what I just mentioned and now They aren't joking anymore. In fact, they even mentioned about holding a small neighborhood commity with me being in charge of the!!
    Plan ahead.
  15. No you are not nuts. If I had money I would buy more. But for people like me... we will just have to sit this out, and see what happens. With the economy the way it is and a brand new baby my priorities have changed. Hopefuly the Gov. doesn't do anything crazy.
  16. This topic really should be posted in the Survival Forum... Moving now. :)
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    Panic buying out of fear is nuts.

    Reasoned purchases out of a desire to prepare for uncertain times is a great idea.

    Both get you prepared, but one costs a lot more money and a lot more anxiety than any of us can really afford.

    PS To the guy who keeps buying all the 9MM at the Lindon UT walmart, please stop.
  18. YOU are not nuts and YOU are not alone.

    It will never happen but... I now count my rounds in 100s instead of eachs. I know may that count their rounds in thousands.

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  19. not sure if you are nuts, but i'm sure eveyone's "survival sense" is being triggered. i'm a member to a couple more forums, and i've read some replies that have me really worried about potential violence in the u.s. things are tough for everyone, but beware of those who will use this as an excuse to "stir the bees nest." this is what worries me, so adding more band aids, bullets, and bread (at a reasonable price) is a good ideal.