Am I Overreacting?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Flyboy, May 4, 2014.

  1. So I went to the commissary earlier to pick up some prenatal vitamins for my wife. Don't get excited, nothing in the oven yet, however we will be starting on that path soon.
    Well, I pick up some other stuff in the mean time; I picked up a bag of jerky for the road (it's about a half hour to forty minute drive from base to home) and a twelve pack of Coke. I get to the cashier, and she says while holding the Coke, "You should put this back."
    Naturally I assume there is something wrong with it, like it's leaking or opened or something, but no, she says, "Your wife shouldn't be drinking this with the baby."
    That peeved me pretty good. This is a civilian, older, maybe in her fifties, American. So I don't doubt she knows her stuff. What peeved me was that she assumed and felt the need to control my situation.
    Here's the thing:

    1. My wife does not drink soda or alcohol. The last time I ever saw her drink any form of alcohol was the champagne at our wedding, and that was just for show; she took a sip for the cameras and then switched to juice. She sticks to water and juice. I however am a soda guzzler and caffeine addict. I drink plenty of water and juice as well, but when I'm eating dinner or just hanging out, chances are I got a soda next to me. I work out quite a bit and brush my teeth, so while I won't say it's the healthiest habit in the world, I won't apologize for it either since I take measures to make sure it's not destroying me faster.

    2. She is the cashier. I am the customer. I have been a cashier before, so trust me, I know the thoughts that go through one's head when you see someone coming through with certain items (best combo so far, a Roto-Rooter rental and an at-home enema kit). The only time I ever spoke up when I was working as a cashier was when a woman came through with bleach and an ammonia based cleaner and told her husband she was gonna mix them together and throw them on the tile. I had to give her a crash course on mustard gas. But to me, her job is to scan my items and take my money and then hand me a receipt. That's it. I am not an *******, I will engage in chit chat and if something is wrong with one of my items, tell me. But it is not her place to tell me what I can and cannot buy with my own money.

    I simply told her that my wife isn't pregnant yet and that the soda was for me, at which point she just shrugged and scanned everything through while I paid her.

    But I was absolutely fuming when I got back to the car.

    Am I overreacting or am I justified here?
  2. bluebone

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    i dont see any reason to be 'fuming' over it but you may have to expect that being in a pretty liberal country you're going to run into tons of people who think they know whats best for you and will be more than happy to say so. you could have just told her you had a lot of battery terminals to clean. make a game of it and just baffle them with bull****e.

  3. Bull

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    Should have told her that's the only thing your wife likes to cut her whiskey with.
  4. SteveC

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    I think I would have been peeved in the situation. Probably enough to say something snarky about unwarranted assumptions and unsolicited advice. I admire your restraint.
  5. ArmyScout

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    Or "The Coke is for the dog".
  6. rickm

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    well i know a cashier that really wanted to say something but didnt when i checked out with onlu 1# of parafin wax and a pound of vaseline and a turkey baster. lol the real funny thing was i ran into a co worker while walking around the store and he said he wasnt feeling to go when he came in but after seeing what i had in my hands decided he felt real good.
  7. yes iam with bull jack with her .:)
    I picked up a monster drink at 8:30pm wens night had stock order comming in at 11p the Kid who was about 17
    informed me this was bad for me to drink and there was a limit per day. I told him
    This was my only one today and it was none of his business. sound like its the same every where Lots of Mr & Mrs helper's out there
  8. I think the reason I Was fuming is that, yes, I take orders for a living, but when it comes to my personal life, there's a certain level of privacy and respect I expect from others. If I volunteer it, that's one thing, but if someone assumes it then goes in for the kill, that just cuts right through me.
    And this was on base, and the woman was American. Location shouldn't really matter, but I suppose you're right, Lord knows how long she's been here and how much she's been exposed to in that time.
  9. SWAGA

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    No you didn't overreact.....this would have been overreacting:

  10. cicpup

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    Ummmmm?? Yes?
  11. bluebone

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    are you saying i need to adjust my methods when engaging in an adversarial conversation?
  12. SWAGA

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  13. Don't get angry, baffle them. I was buying mouse traps one day, the cashier says "Oh, you have mice?" "Nope, these are for the Cockroaches". Look on her face was priceless!
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Why are you wasting moments of your life being mad at a lady that was just trying to help you and your wife?

    Yeah, it's none of her business, and she's making assumptions. Welcome to the real world.:rolleyes:

    Tell her thanks or tell her to STFU, but then forget it and move on.
  15. Rachgier

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    "Just because my wife is pregnant doesn't mean my girlfriend can't drink it."

    "Oh it's okay. My wife says she can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, so I'm buying her the coke so she can use it to shine it back up when she's done trying."

    "Well it's either this or a flight of stairs."

    "You should see the baby kick when she drinks it with pop rocks."
  16. HiPointArmorer

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    I hate it when cashiers talk to me, why cant they just do their job????
  17. Hermitt

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    I am far from being liberal or telling others how to live or what to consume, but in my opinion, soda is something that I believe should have never been invented.

    Several years ago, my wife of 38 years, had to have gastric bypass surgery and her addiction to soda was one of the main contributing factors. I thank the Lord that the surgeon had made her give it up before he would do the surgery.
  18. Hipointer

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    I think it is the idea that most everyone in our society seems to think they can "fix" what is wrong in the other guy's life, the whole time overlooking the problems in their own lives. From government to the cashier, we have all these clowns telling us what is best for us...this usually makes real Americans get testy, it does me.

    I don't go around sticking my nose under other people's tent flaps, so they need to keep their nose out from under mine. That has always been the American spirit in my eyes.

    To answer your question, no I don't think you over reacted. I would have felt the same way. Too many busy-body people in our society today, and usually they are the ones who have the most dickered up lives.
  19. Meh, she and I are already playing the genetic lottery; my family is full of heart disease, cancer, blood pressure issues, etc., while my wife's is full of the same (her Mom is fighting ovarian cancer as we speak and her grandmother died of cervical cancer, plus her Dad suffered a heart attack last year), so the fact I made it to 26 is already extra credit, I'll drink my soda and when the day comes to crack me open, there will be a bottle in my hand when they put me under lol.
  20. Back2School

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    I agree with you, just not on soda. I never understood people who were so afraid to actually live. They do everything they can to slow down death. News flash, it comes for us all.

    As much as self righteous people hate to admit it, genetics has a lot to do with our health issues. I have gout (yes the rich old mans disease). Had it even when I wasn't old or rich. I didn't eat the things that cause it but had people yell at me its all my diet. Funny thing is these were my ex's family and we all ate as a family and the same things every night. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch a lot of times. Finally, when I brought that subject up -"why am I the only one with gout if we all eat the same thing?", no one had an answer. I asked my doc, he ended up saying they gave up on the eating modifications as it didn't work so they just end up giving meds for it.