Am I the only one who has this nasty habit...

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I do Skoal Straight Long Cut

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  1. Dip is nasty. Never touched it.

  2. Tried it, and either didn't like it or haven't done it since.

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  3. Once in a while...

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  4. Quite often

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  5. You gonna pack that tin, or you want me to do it for you?

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  1. First off, let me get this out of the way: I call it a nasty habit because until I started doing it I frankly thought it was disgusting as hell, and even now that I do it, I still find it disgusting, though not to such a large degree. See if you can guess the habit, I'll give you a backstory, and then we'll see!

    I was out in the woods felling trees with my crew (we do some conservation work when we're not out on fire/disaster; it helps bring in the money, and keeps our chainsaw skills up to par).

    I was helping supervise a new sawyer, and he was falling a decent sized cedar tree (I'd put her 50' tall at the shortest, and at least 10-12" diameter). He made his face cut, which looked pretty good. Then he started his back cut...

    ...and cut through his holding wood. The tree started coming back on him, but as he wasn't looking up he didn't notice the movement. I was screaming as loud as I could at him for him to run, and when he did he had to run UNDER the tree because he didn't like his secondary escape route. We all emerged unscathed, but the tree was a second away from flattening him (and as a result me, as I didn't start running until he did).

    Afterwards I gave him a hug, we sat down, he pulls out a can of Grizzly (a.k.a. Dip/chew/snuff/etc.), takes a large pinch, then turns to me and says "want a plug?". At that point my heart had slowed down enough for me to nod, and since then I find grabbing a lip while I'm chainsawing quite enjoyable; the nicotine helps me focus (or so I tell myself). It also helps as an anti-histamine as I have a very slight allergic reaction to cedar. All of which are just excuse, but don't interrupt lol.

    Anyhow, for those of you that don't do it, don't start, and those of you that do, quit, it's bad for you, but I'll get off my high horse now. Don't consider myself a nicotine addict as I go without it (especially when I'm not in the field), but thought I'd throw it out there. I do encourage my smoking friends to try it though... much rather my crew have bad gums than bad lungs (but that's another story).

    edit: poll title should be "I do dip... do you?" less confusion. Didn't mean Skoal specifically, just meant who dips in general :).
  2. I used to dip, enjoy a little every once in a while, but Skoal is nasty. I'm a cope man myself.

  3. elguapo

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    I smoke cigs. No need to go there...

    My brother used to constantly, got that habit from the Military, and being MP in Korea. He even had a wife that did that herself......
    All I can say is they had two great daughters...

    Update: he dont dip at all anymore, nor any of his antics when younger.
  4. ralphb72

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    Yea, I used to do it "In the field" also. Just in the field, I could quit any time and then start back up for a couple of weeks then quit again. I had actually quit totally for a while, till Panama (Yes that dates me but I was there during the Noriega crisis). I started again to help keep me awake for those times when I had to stay up for days at a time. Never stopped when that was over. One stressful reason to keep dipping after another.

    I finally quit in 2006, 17 years later. Even though I could see the pre-cancerous lesions forming, I still did not quit. Even though everyone I knew that "dipped" had quit, I still did not. Even though I could see my gums receding, I still did not quit. I DID get tired of the dentist giving me a hard time about it so I quit going to the dentist. All this time I still thought I could quit if I wanted to, until I tried and found I was good and truly hooked.

    My son started smoking which I could conveniently blame on my wife, but when he came back from basic he was smoking and dipping, sometimes at the same time. That did it for me. And the fact that I had another son in 2000 and another in 2002 help me decide to quit. It took me 6 years to quit after I decided to. SIX YEARS, yes it is more addictive then cigarettes, the damage is slow and visible, but the mind does amazing things to keep you at it. The addiction sneeks up on you but it grabs you hard.

    I used to use some minty stuff, switched to Copenhagen because it was nasty and would help me quit. That stuff is more addictive then any of them so it did not help.

    I would post pictures of my gums but it would make you sick and vomit is very hard to get out of keyboards.

    I still miss it, once in a while while fishing or shooting cleaning my guns or shining my boots, I wish I had some. But I don't miss having a spit can with me all the time. I am finally free from that and it feels great.

    My advice would be to stay as far away from it as you can.
  5. I smoked for many years.

    Been smoke free since 12/31/07
    Wish me luck.
  6. Smoker here. I resort to skoal products, like those little sissy pouches, when I can't smoke which hasn't been for a long time. While in tech school (AF) I used them alot because we wern't aloud to use tobacco products, but were expected to be in class and training all day plus the hundred other rigors they placed on us. So the bandits worked out well.
  7. i prefer grizly straight, a 1.87 a can, but yeah i like the stuff.
  8. rodka

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    just cigs for me but i only smoke a couple times a month.
  9. Shootest 995

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    Dippin? a plug? From this stuff? Any of you use Real chewing tobacco? Like Redman? big moist leafs? No additives, just good sweet tobacco and if you are a real man you don't spit, you just swallow the juice!

    Ok not me, but my grandad did everyday until he died at 88! And grandma to every once in a while, but she spit!!

    Me I don't smoke, dip never have, no if you want to talk about other bad habits.........
  10. Ari

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    Smoking and dip takes to much of my ammo money
  11. rodka

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    thats why i cut down on smoking when i do i usualy bum them off a friend. :lol:
  12. Thayldt21

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    I am a smoker and find it hard to quit.

    I also have "dipped" when smoking was not an option. I.E. Army AIT, Or when on mission flying( no smoke on whirly birds).

    Or when on long convoy, No smoke allowed in military vehicle( even though we did any way when we were sure no one could see. Then in Iraq we didn't give a crap if any one saw us.

    As for DIP it was harder to quit to adjust back to smoking. And smoking has been my main down fall. If the SHTF I'd be screwed or every one around me after the first week. I Would kill for a smoke, LOL.
  13. Bought my first can of dip right after basic training.

    I smoke from time to time, dip all the time, smoke a pipe and cigars and chew when I am out of dip and dad offers.

    It is a nasty habit but atleast I don't smell like an ashtray (Atleast till the next time I feel like a smoke :twisted: )

    And I prefer wintergreen long cut of whatever brand is cheapest. Lately it has been Grizzly or Red Man, I really like the new Red Man stuff.
  14. Never touched it. I do enjoy a good cigar or pipe now and then.
  15. biganimal

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    there wasn't a place for my answer on the poll.............

    I used to dip skoal and chew Yara scrap back in the 70's & early 80's but gave it all up when I quit smoking in 1984.

    I quit cold turkey and haven't touched tobacco since. I had a 3 pack (CAMEL Non filters) a day habit. I smoked for over 20 years. I started when I was 8.
  16. neothespian

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    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Screw that!! The S**t's repulsive, smells and there's NO way in hell I can stand it.

    But that's just my opinion:)
  17. Jarhead1775

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    Marlboro Reds and A Can of Kodiak.
  18. Yep, used to do the Skoal Bandits when I was a teen and out fishing. Haven't done that since I got married 26 years ago! She thought it was "Nasty". No... not "whipped" :roll: just picking my battles ! :wink:
  19. I can't STAND dip... I have tried it and it turned me green for real... Way too strong for my tastes. Smoking Marlboro Menthol as we speak right now, but that's just me... I can chain smoke all day, but here lately, I have been cutting down, getting myself used to the idea that I can live without nicotine... Wish me luck too.. I am gonna need it.
  20. I dip all the time. Either Skoal longcut apple blend or if im feeling cheap Timber Wolf apple or wintergreen. I work for the railroad so im stuck on trains all the time. I have to have something to do to pass the time.