Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by MachoMelvin, May 21, 2014.

  1. MachoMelvin

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    Tonight I pulled out my "new to me" Walther P1. I watched about 4 You Tube video's on disassemble & reassemble of my gun. I haven't fired it yet, heck it was the 1st time I even cleaned & lubed it. I catch myself buying a "new to me" gun & just putting it away for a week or two. Then about 1-2 times a week I will look into my gun case and pull one out and start researching it on the internet, and then breaking it down. Kinda like what I used to do with my GI Joe's & Tonka trucks?
    I can't be the only one doing this, am I?

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  2. Nope!!!! :D

  3. desertrider

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    Melvin, you're like my brudda from anudda mudda!
  4. bws

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    Oh god no! I'm the same way. The odd thing to me is that even though I have several identical weapons, the more I study them the more I see the subtle differences in each one. Yeah, they all tear down and go back together the same way, but I swear I can tell the differences in the trigger break, the resistance of a pin being pushed into place or how much effort it takes to seat a bolt or move a slide. It's quite interesting to me.
  5. talon

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    not me. when i buy anything be it new, or new to me, ive in the vast majority of cases, already researched it, and i take it usually that day, out to fire it.
  6. bluebone

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    uhh yeah, me too.
  7. SWAGA

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    I never buy a gun I don't like new guns...:eek: and I usually buy using lay-a-way.
    So that means I have weeks and sometimes months to Google reviews, watch YouTube videos and scour the internet for cheap mags, carry holsters, ammo and stuff.
  8. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    To some of the guys here that will sound like BS or a waste of time. These guys guys don't ever clean their guns, and in fact box them up, when the magical round count is reached, and ships them AWAY, IN THE FRIGGIN MAIL, to some odd ball called mom. Apparently mom makes all things all better. Makes me wonder what that same dude does while in the woods and the gun no manner of mag feed adjustment makes any difference, it just

    A man who can not maintain his gun is not a well armed man. He may not be armed at all, and the big secret is...he will never know one way or the other until it counts. Airplanes and the Air Force taught me many things. And one of them is, I know (to the best of my abilities) if the ammo works so will the gun. I kind of think that is important.

    Oh and because I do revolvers and manual repeaters...even if the ammo is having a bad day I can just keep working the gun...sooner or later something is bound to get loud.:p
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  9. I have done the same thing. With the long winter here in Indiana and the cost of ammo I caught my self forgetting which firearms I still haven't shot yet. Took the boys to the range a few weeks ago and I couldn't recall if I had shot my shotgun I bought in the fall. So shoot it again
  10. lklawson

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    The last gun which I realized I'd never given any range-love too was a beautiful WWII Enfield, "U.S. Property" marked (Lend Lease), parkerized, all matching numbered parts, in excellent condition. I traded it to a friend for a nice CZ82. Just recently (during the height of the ammo crisis, ims), I was digging through the bowels of my safe, moving all the ammo to a separate 3-Drawer File Cabinet when I came across a completely full cloth bandolier of surplus .303 in original stripper clips which I had, apparently, bought to pair with the aforementioned Enfield. I sold it all to a friend for pre-crisis prices, despite the fact that the clips alone were fetching that price at the time (never mind loaded ammo and original cloth bandolier) because I just couldn't see taking such heinous advantage of anyone, let alone a friend.

    Peace favor your sword,
  11. Sometimes I find guns I forgot I had when I start digging through everything. I really need to do a couple walls in peg board lol.
  12. Dagwood

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    I don't own enough guns for that sort of thing. When I buy a new gun I can't wait to go out to the range with it. And I also find myself looking in my safe daily and admiring. It is like when I had toys as a kid. "The only thing that seperates men from boys is the price of their toys"
  13. FlashBang

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    LOL... I just recently found a box of 100 Garand en Bloc clips I forgot I even had.

  14. desertrider

    desertrider Member

    I do that too. I'm a bit of an insomniac and usually find myself out in the garage at odd hours of the morning looking through the safe and inevitably yanking one out and sweeping the house for bad guys in the dark.:)

    What's really funny is the couple of times my wife has gotten up and found me standing in front of the safe in my skivvies and flip-flops with the safe's door open as I'm rearranging them or otherwise playing with them (the guns).
  15. Bull

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    Whew..... I'm glad I'm not the only one! Luckily, or unluckily, I've only got a few guns now, so it doesn't get creepy. ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1400785443.659368.jpg
  16. bluebone

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    No, that's not creepy at all
  17. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    What.... You don't play Ludwig Van when you're looking at your guns?
  18. lsi1

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    i just don't own that many i have read and researched almost everything i've ever bought before i bought it. That being said i have to stop buying mossberg 500s. it seems to be a sickness i see $100 shotgun and i'm all over it needs to stop.
  19. MachoMelvin

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    I research most my guns before I buy them. A few impulse buys? But it is not until your sitting in your PJ's in front of the computer in the middle of the night, with the gun in your hand, do you really get the connection?
    THIS BABY is MINE!!!