Am I weird???

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    I like my stock Glock trigger on my G17 over a 1911?

    I have never fired a 1911 and have only picked up one, once. This weekend one of the guys at Sportsmans Warehouse was trying to "make me fall in love" with the 1911. He wanted me to compare triggers between the Glock 26 that I was looking at, and a Kimber 1911. He gave me the weirdest look when I said that I liked the Glock better.

    I might just be used to the Glock trigger and that is why I liked it better, but the 1911 seemed heavy and had alot of creep. Is this normal for an out of the box 1911?
  2. One word "YES"..... lol just kidding.

    Hey different strokes for different folks. Go with what you like not what the guy behind the counter likes!

  3. Abnormal for a out of the box 1911, but what kind was it?

    And by the way, you must be weird if you like the glock trigger over a 1911 trigger, at least any of the 1911's I have ever shot. To be completly honest, about the only trigger that I have found that I have liked less than a glock is on my Sigma.
  4. Yes, you are weird but different strokes for different folks.

    BTW, it in not normal to have trigger creep on an OOB 1911. I have 2 Kimbers and the triggers break like glass

    Now on some series 80 1911 the trigger is not as good but still better than almost anything out there.
  5. Try different 1911s. While many will feel identical, some will feel different from others. Plus you are used to a Glock. So unless you are picking up another firearm that is modeled after a glock, like a sigma, then it will not feel as comfortable to what your used to. Just like going from one vehicle to another. 1911s are fabulous in my opinion, but it took me some getting used to to go from my .357 revolver to my 1911.
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    That statement is not as black and white as it sounds. You cant just say there is such a thing as one stock 1911 trigger. The thing that is cool about the 1911 is how it can be tuned. I picked up a stock Springfield the other day and it was not a great trigger. But it is a foundation to start with, then I got to feel one that had the trigger tuned. WOW big change, it would blow any Glock trigger away!
  7. Try a weapon that has a Wilson Combat Trigger installed... DUDE! :shock:

    I bought one for mine I liked it so much!
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    Other than relying on a large group of strangers to validate your normaility, no you arent weird. :lol:

    Different people like a different "feel" in thier weapon. Some people prefer a slightly heavier trigger than others. Personally, I hate the broken trigger design used in glocks but that is just my preference.
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    Thanks...I think 8)

    I think I may own a 1911 down the road some time but not for quite a while. I am the type of person that needs a reason to buy things. I do like the idea of being able to customize it many different ways and I did like making my 10/22 just how I wanted, so who knows.
  10. Yes, yes you are. But, so what? Normal people are boring! :mrgreen:
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    Notice I didn't need to ask if I was dumb :)