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  1. I have always been a revolver and bolt action shooter and have always found that each weapon has a liking or disliking for certain ammunition and have always reloaded for that reason. Last summer I purchased a JHP and a 4595, I have always wanted a handgun/carbine combination so I took the plunge. I was a little apprehensive at first since these were my first semi-autos and I had always avoided them because so FTF, jamming and mag issues (you don't have these with revolvers and rarely with bolts). But what I have found is that no matter what I run through my Hi Points doesn't matter, factory or reloads all shoot to the same point of aim, as long as I do my job. To date I haven't had a FTF or mag issue. I have run 4 different types of factory ammo and about 8 or 9 different reload combinations without having to readjust the sights on either weapon.
    All I have to say is I'm really happy with my decision to buy Hi Points and really like the information on this forum. Because of this forum I am awaiting my Mahan rear sight for my JHP and can't wait to get it installed and once I get a little braver I plan on purchasing the aluminum trigger I've seen on some of your personalized guns.
    Hi Point has a owner for life.:D

    Thanks for reading.
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    Welcome aboard! I too have been really surprised with my Hi Point. I own many Hi end pistols both revolver and semi auto, but my HP just likes to go bang and hit the target. I'm far from being a Bulls eye competitor tho.

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    Welcome aboard! We love range reports and pictures whenever you go practice.
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    Welcome. I bought my CF380 2nd hand but still unfired just because of price, $100 for the pistol and 100 rounds. Have been really surprised of its accuracy and reliability. It has chewed through those 100 rounds and I don't know how many reloads. Kind of like the battery bunny, just keeps going, and going..............
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    texasbass1? Either you like to fish or you're Dusty Hill.
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    Welcome to the forum! We like the guns that most others like to hate...Hi Points! Meh, what do they know, right? ;)
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    I love my carbines!!! I took em out today. Not one issue!
    I've shot hundreds of rounds through both the 4595ts and the 995ts and I have only cleaned the 995 once and I don't think I have ever cleaned the 4595.
    I don't know, it's like a challenge now to see how long I can go before I start having issues. I don't think I ever will have any issues. These things seem to run better now than they did when I got em.
    The HP carbines are absolutely by far the most reliable weopons I have ever heard of or owned!

  8. Yes I do fish alot, hence the handle. But when I'm not on the lake I'm at the range.
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    Damn. I was really hoping I could get an autograph from Dusty Hill.
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    I have a JHP and its jam proof. After about 300 rds of various FMJ it feeds literary everything. It's also crazy accurate. With a full mag at 50 feet it shoots one neat 45-caliber hole. No exaggeration.