Featured Ambi Safety Switch Opinions

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by TNTRAILERTRASH, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. rickm

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    I may be wrong but looking at the bottom pic you posted the detent ball will only go into one side so should go into the gun just as the pic is showing if you shoulder the gun.

  2. Looks like that is built into the shaft and not the switch handles. I would think the one on the left would be my choice for both sides.

  3. rickm

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    OK i thought the shoulder was made onto the switch my mistake. But in this case it would be a personal preference i quess, I would say the one on the right is notched for a reason but i cant think of it at the moment since i havent held or shot my ar in sometime.
  4. Shame on you! I shot one 2 weeks ago. If you can call it that. I had mag feeding problems with an AR47
  5. Public_Domain

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    Right handed people will often have the selector on the right side of the weapon get in the way of their trigger finger. That's why the one for the right side of the weapon is shorter and or scalloped. No sure why it isn't an issue for lefties on the left side of the weapon. Maybe their just used to having to work around it.
  6. budman70

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    I'm a lefty and never had a problem with the safety on an AR. Starting with the one in my avatar.
  7. The wife is a lefty. So is my brother. I gave him a BAD lever as he uses it very well.
  8. Dane

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    You can reverse them for a lefty.