AMD vs. Intel

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  1. Used to be a huge AMD fan, then Intel's Core 2 processors started showing significant gains over the 64 X2 processors AMD had, and now that the market is starting to semi-stabilize for now, I have to say I still prefer AMD.

    While I was a bit mad at AMD for changing from 939 architecture to AM2, it made sense, and as long as they stick with it for a while, my AM2 motherboard when I get it should hold up for a while. Intel, meanwhile, has been using the same LGA775 architecture, which while lending itself to upgradability, most MoBo's had to be replaced anyway when DDR2 came out, as they will when DDR3 prices come down enough to make it affordable for the mass market.

    Also, while same-speed Core 2 processors will generally out-perform their AMD counterparts, the AMD processors are much less expensive. If you absolutely have to have cutting edge performance, go Intel; if you can stand being "just" cutting-edge, AMD will more than suffice and for less money.

    I also tend to find AMD MUCH more overclocking friendly; never had a problem OCing most of my chips 20% over spec. My x2 3800+ has been running stable that way since I got it (2-3 years ago).

    Anyway, just my $0.02.
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    i like AMD, however they're really pissing me off lately with their idiocy.

    they also never use to lock their cpu's but that was a ship that sailed long ago the wound has never really healed.

    the best thing about AMD these days is price and their platforms dont change nearly as fast as intels.

    but those strengths have limits.
  4. Have always used AMDs, but -- hey -- that war isn't where I'm at currently, and I've paid little attention to the last couple of generations. That'll probably change later this year, and I'll have to get up to speed.

    I have to admit, however, that in the past I've been more impressed with AMD engineering than Intel hype.
  5. last 2 machines have been AMDs and couldnt be happier.
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    I hate the whole AMD vs INTEL war. You have pro's and con's to both sides of it.

    In all reality it depends on how high end you are wanting to go with a system. If you are looking for the most powerful high end, I have more money than I know what to do with. Build an INTEL based machine, and look at the Quad core series.

    However if you are like most people and are wanting a good all around system that kinda handles it all without man handling the wallet you go AMD.

    Less than a year ago I built the system I am using and tossed in an Intel E6320. Nice processor and has yet to even hiccup with anything I have tossed at it. My processor was around the $200 mark when I purchased it.

    About 3 months ago I built my father an AMD based machine. Purchased him an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4,000+ for like $55 bucks, It has less cache, but a quicker FSB and cost MUCH less as you see. That little processor handles everything he does just fine without a hiccup...and we both play the same games online.

    AMD is still by far the best performance for the money. But when you just want to go with Intel.
  7. Like my brother... as a birthday gift I built him a custom computer (he paid for parts). 15,000 RPM WD Raptor HD's, dual 768 MB GeForce 8800 graphics cards, etc. etc. etc. Spend two days on the wiring alone, but I have yet to find a game he can't run maxed out with terrific framerates :).

  8. crysis?
  9. Don't think he has it. Oh, did I forget to mention 8 gigs of DDR800 RAM?
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    oh you mean Cry-Sys(tem)

    yes thats surely a test for any rig.

    anyway 4095 what cpu did you go with?

    i was building a computer till i seen the disaster the Phenom was so now im just cooling my jets to see what happens.
  11. Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66.
  12. Im getting ready to buy a notebook in a few days, HP dv9727us with a AMD TURION 64 X2 Dual core TL-60 2.0 Ghz

    I have mostly had Intel products, but have had a AMD in the past and it never gave me any problems.

    Wish me luck on this one :)
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  14. I've always liked AMD both for price point and performance. But, like you said they've fallen wayyy behind. Part of it has to do with the ATI merger and a shift in company direction, but c'mon guys. These quad core intels are cheap as hell and scary fast.
  15. /po-ta-to/ /pu-tah-to/ :D
    I have built machines for years and used both. Either one makes a good platform. It just depends on what you're going to do with it.
  16. Cucumbers and pickles my friends... If you want speed for games etc, which ever one you do decide on is gonna equate into $$$$$ in the long run. Right now, I am running on an ancient desktop, but I am gonna build a machine that will run COD4 easily. I really want to get back into come games that I used to play all the time. As far as my laptop, it's a 1.73 gightz celeron, but it's used mostly for forum stuff and e-mails.
  17. Last one I built was dual core, dual chip XEON. The only thing that really kills you on the XEON systems is the power supply.
  18. You guys are making me want to build another PC. I haven't planned on doing it until next year. I'm still hung up on the socket 478 platform, complete with a 2.66 GHz P4 processor and 1 GB PC3200 RAM. I had an FX 5200 AGP card but sold it in my other system because I needed money for Christmas. I'm presently running an older GF4 MX440 card. It won't even keep up with Second Life.

    I didn't used to like Seagate HDDs, but since my last two 80 GB Barracudas, they are so quiet I can't even hear them run, and they have a faster transfer rate with the PATA cable than my Maxtors did with the SATA connection.

    Once the tax money comes in, I'm going to keep this PC alive another year by buying an Nvidia 7600 GS 512 MB AGP card. That might be interesting...

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    Either or. Man, my beat up old home PC (you'd think being a network engineer, I'd have cutting edge stuff at home, but no) gave up the ghost. Specifically, the motherboard flaked out completely. No problem you say? Just drop another $50-75 and pick up a new one? I would, but I'm a closet luddite whose home PC was based around a socket 754/AGP board running an Athlon 64 3000+ and a 6800GT. No direct replacement readily available. Go modern, you say? We're saving up for a trip and move to Alaska, and major nonessential expenses are verboten. So, as much as I wanted to drop $5k for a killer gaming rig I ended up staying in the past, picking up a socket 478/AGP motherboard, Pentium 3E CPU and fan, and 3-day shipping, for about $120. Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll see some of you in games this weekend.
  20. If you haven't gotten the replacement yet, PM me. I can giet you an old P4 for about $75 and a few for shipping. Let me know.