America’s Toughest, Ugliest Warplane....

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    Introducing your pilot & co-pilot, Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong.

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    A10 Warthog, death from above!
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    I don't think it's ugly at all. But again, I don't think Hi Points are ugly either

    But this.....this is awesome
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    If the Air Force brass was smart they would upgrade the A-10 so it is cheaper to maintain but then they wouldn't have that money for their pet projects. The F-15 and F-16 are nowhere near as good at ground support as the A-10.
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    Really good news. The A10 rocks!

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    Airplanes lifespans are not like the lifespans of most cars or trucks. Airplanes are very expensive new; however, older aircraft can be upgraded with the latest technology and if well maintained they can last a long time. A better analogy would be to compare the lifespan of an airplane to the lifespan of a house. If a house is well maintained, and periodically upgraded, it will last a long time.

    I find the projected lifespan of the B52s very interesting. The following is a compilation from various web sites on the B52:

    April 15, 2014 marks 62 years since the first flight of the B-52 Stratofortress, making its maiden flight over Seattle, Wash., in 1952, piloted by the late Col. Alvin M. "Tex" Johnson.

    The "youngest" B52 airframe is older than the oldest pilot flying them.

    Through a constant modernization program, the B-52 Stratofortress is projected to operate into 2040 - 2044.

    It’s possible that eventually a B52 may be flown by a great grandson of a pilot that flew the same airframe!

    That would be like using a Civil War cannon in the Korean War.

    Even the civilian air fleet is old and still very reliable. The price of new single engine airplanes has exceeded the inflation rates, so much so, that most private owners of single engine airplanes are now flying airplanes that are 30 to 70 years old. The required FAA annual inspection and maintenance makes flying old airplanes a relatively safe endeavor mechanically speaking.

    I really never understood why they wanted to do away with the Warthog other than for politics. It’s an awesome weapon system. I’m glad they are going to continue to use them.
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    Oh she's an ugly girl but the stuff she can do, the hits she can take and the oh s**t moment the enemy has when its the last thing they see is priceless.
    FYI The USAF in its grand vision of the future decided to trash these tank killers as they didn't fit the ideal image of the USAF Fleet.
    Then Gulf War 1 happened and guess which aircraft kicked butt and flew when others couldn't, operated on dirt roads,provided air support when the zippy jets went bingo for fuel, yep the A-10.
    A-10s and some C-130 Gunships doing the dirty jobs the airshow planes can't.
    I loved these when I worked them and they can still kick those towel heads butts any day of the week and put an end to any ISIS parade!
    Flying Tigers Attack!
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    NE Utah
    Oh. I thought we were going to see the original Thunderbolt, the old P47 Jug back in the air.

    I also see the A10 as a beatiful plane.:p
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    Grew up by lake city ammunition plant, and the test fired ammo through one of those auto cannons.... Freakin awesome...... They also used to do maneuvers in the lake area around camdenton MO when I was a kid spending summers there...... She's my favorite military aircraft, hands down!
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    IMO, they aint ugly....those are beautiful Warthogs! Purpose built and tough as they come.
  11. Bull

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    Best reason to keep em around?..... They scare the crap outta the enemy....
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    Always been my absolute favorite war plane, I wouldn't say their ugly....but their self esteem is just low enough to do just about anything you ask it to.
  13. They still do maneuvers around the lake of the Ozarks and truman areas. I just saw a pair last Wednesday while working outside of Warsaw.
  14. Bull

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    I remember getting the crap scared out of me more than once as they came over a hilltop at tree level........ Also awesome being in the Warrensburg area, and seeing the stealth bomber flying around!
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    It ain't a plane. It's a flying cannon that lets a person ride along....

    Totally wicked and absolutely necessary.
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    I have a real emotional attachment to these birds. I was part of the development team for the GAU-8 cannon many, many years ago. It was one of the best jobs I ever had.

    We would set up different test scenarios out in the middle of the desert and work with the test pilots to determine best attack angles, kill ratios and the effects on the aircraft.

    Two of the major changes we introduced were the limited fire trigger and the gun gas deflector. The limited fire trigger was needed in that the average pilot would treat the GAU-8 like a 20mm cannon or a 50 cal. The 30mm GAU-8 would produce so much recoil that it would reduce the air speed of the A-10 dramatically if you held the trigger down. Several pilots nearly lost their aircraft when they stalled out from the recoil of cannon.

    The gun gas deflector was added because the volume of gas generated from firing the GAU-8 would get sucked up into the engines and cause a flame-out….Not good at 400 ft. off the deck.

    The first time any pilot used the GAU-8, they were always caught off guard on how the cannon threw them forward due to recoil. One round would produce roughly 50 ft. tons of energy. Enough to rock a T54 Russian tank up off one of its tracks.

    I spent a year driving T54 tanks out to the middle of the desert, watching the A-10 decimate them, and then bringing them back to evaluate kill effectiveness.

    Here’s a 30mm GAU-8 dummy shell with a 9mm next to it.

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    ^^^^^^^ Hands down, best job ever!
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    Just a visual reminder of how big that gun really is:


    And they have come home with half a wing shot off:

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    The only air force jet that is nearly as tough as an A10 is not used in combat, the T38 training jet. I have seen pilots hit trees, get to close together and the T38 wobbled but it didn't fall. I used to live near Keesler AFB before the sonic boom rules were created. I have seen the the T38 go straight up from tree top level and break the speed of sound at an angle that would stall most planes.