American Airlines is operating Airbus A330-300's

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    American Airlines is operating Airbus A300-300's and its direct competitor, Boeing 777-300's, side by side. Why Airbus? Because AA bought US Airways and acquired their A330's. Details of the two planes are interesting: --

    The 777's cockpit windows are blended smoothly into the nose which tapers to a point like spritzer bullet. By contrast, the. A330 has more of a stepped windshield like a car (anyone know why?)

    Also, the A330's passenger windows and floor angle up slightly at the back. At the back of the cabin you're walking slightly uphill (again, anyone know why?)

    Both planes look impossibly long like a pencil with wings. A feat of engineering.

    Forgive me for rambling but I love planes!
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    I prefer the 777 as a passenger. I still have trouble beleaving only 2 engines can get it in the air.

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    Awa ftw

    :ranton:As a longtime America West, US Airways and now "The New American Airlines" employee, I can assure you, American didn't buy anything. :rantoff:
    And yes, planes are cool af

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    The floor thing is because the diameter of the A330 is less than other planes in the class, so to fit more shipping containers in, they sloped the floor 1 degree.

    No idea on the window.
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    The irony is that the a 330 is a short haul aircraft, designed for 1000 mi hops.Airbus has a long haul aircraft, the a340, but the 330 was cheaper and could be outfitted with long range tanks.

    Airbus created the 330 and 340 with modularity in mind, the 318/319 were designed in the 70s and as such kept a lot of the design... The 777 is modern boeing, designed in the 90s when fuel started getting expensive