American Hero Stabbed in California?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by MachoMelvin, Oct 8, 2015.

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    DEVELOPING: Pentagon Officials Confirm Spencer Stone Stabbed During ‘Bar Fight’ in Sacramento
    In now way is this stabbing ok. But that's just another reason to stay out of a bar. Can't get in a bar fight if you aren't in a bar. ;)
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    Curious if he was recognized and called out on it or if this was a 'normal' drunk fight.
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    Fox news has video

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    Good point Swag. Everyone wanted to fight Bruce Lee. Stupid people. I remember when I practiced Karate with my buds in Thailand, sometimes we would go downtown afterwards. This one a$$ in the class always had to try and pick a fight with a local national just to show how bad he was. I was just waiting for the day when he would unknowingly challenge a pro kick boxer. Just couldn't wait to see him get the literal $hit kicked out of him. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. The Thai's were smart enough to just walk away. How sad :(
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    We where not allowed to go anywhere near the fights. But we would sneak in and watch the Europeans get their asses handed to them. good times
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    On Oct 1st, Alex Skarlatos would have been at Umpqua Community College had he not agreed to be on the Ellen show.

    A week later Spencer Stone is stabbed in a bar fight.

    I'm sure it's nothing, just seems weird. :foilhat:
  8. That thought crossed my mind also.
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    Well they're sure tried to head off the terrorism or revenge angle...... If only we had some common sense knife legislation, and Asian gang legislation, this tragedy could have been avoided.... C'mon O, there's a tragedy gathering dust right in front of you!
  10. I guess E-5 wasn't good enough, so he went for E-6. :p
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    They actually had Thai Kick Boxing exhibition fights right on base at U-Ta-Pao RTAFB in Thailand when I was there. Now that was something to watch. No holds barred outright kicka$$ kick boxing. We had one G.I. who thought he was a bada$$ challenge a boxer and he got his a$$ handed to him on a plate in about 30 seconds.

    Those guys even put our current UFC fights to shame when it comes to outright brutality. I don't think I ever saw any kind of rule enforcement during the exhibitions. :foilhat:
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    You had to be some kind of stupid to get into a ring with a Guy who spends his days kicking trees