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Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by bombadillo, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. bombadillo

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    I am just wondering if you guys are reloading or what, because its just getting too expensive to the point where I want to shoot nothing but .22 lr anymore. Where are you all getting your ammo?? I check the bulk and all, but I can't seem to find any .45acp for any less than about 12 per box now. Now I'm not a tightwad, but I used to buy .45 for 7.49 per 50 rounds just a year and a half ago. Now its up to 15-18 per box locally. So the big question is where you guys are buying your ammo.

  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    reload mostly. The only calibers i buy are the odd stuff i dont load for like .45 LC, 45-70, 10mm auto etc.

  3. Ari

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    Reloading 9mm for 8.2 cents per round
  4. Honestly I do not shoot the larger calibers as much as I would like so I can keep an ample supply on hand.
  5. Yup.

    I load .40, .38/.357, .308.
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    I have been shooting 9mm and .22LR as these are the cheapest to buy lately. I have been buying Remington 9mm at $6.28 per 50rds when on sale at the local Dick's sporting goods store (By the Case Price). Thats about as cheap as it gets unless I shoot free at the departments range. Wolf and Blazer Aluminum 9mm was up until a year ago selling for $4.50 per 50rds on case buys but that even dried up. My guess is that the ammo makers see another AWB and a Hugh tax on ammo to cover so called medical costs of people shot who don't have insurance (Just like the cigarette tax) if Hillary get elected so they are padding their pockets under false claims that raw material has jumped through the roof. While raw materials have increased a bit it does not justify the leap ammo prices have taken lately.
  7. Need to get back into reloading, as soon as I unpack.
  8. bombadillo

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    So you ALL reload!!!??? I just was surprised that it was that much more cost effective. Any advice to look for a reloading setup or to get started. I have truly never done any reloading so it would all be new to me. Do you buy rounds, shoot them and save the brass or what do you do for brass?? Throw me out any info so I can get looking.
  9. Just do a search of the forum for Reloading, and you'll get about 20 different threads....
  10. ^ yup

    Not sure if it ever got addressed in our "what you need for reloading' threads but LEE has replaced our standby 35th anniversary kit with a NEW, slightly changed 50th anniversary kit. The difference is that the press now has removable bushings/collets that allow you to quick change dies without screwing them out. This way you don't have to readjust them next time you use em.

    Downside to the new kit is that they don't offer it packaged with the lee reloading guide.